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Review: Hollywood Undead – American Tragedy

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Less than two years after the release of their full-length debut Swan Songs, the masked members of Hollywood Undead are back to attack your eardrums with American Tragedy, a 14-track album set to hit stores today.

The sophomore effort has quite a few similarities to the debut, however, it is a step in the right direction musically and possesses a good handful catchy tracks that are sure to keep fans repeating the lyrics for quite some time.

The album opens up with “Been To Hell”, which has almost the exact same beat as “Undead” from Swan Songs, but again, the track has a feel all its own and provides a great hook for listeners to stick with the album.

The party atmosphere takes over as the album switches to a hip-hop feel with “Apologize” and “Comin’ In Hot”, the latter of which proving to be a perfect track for the club scene with a catchy beat and simple lyrics about drinking.

“Hear Me Now”, the next single off the album, brings back the guitars and a more upbeat rhythm, despite the lyrics of being alone and unhappy suggesting otherwise. However, “Gangsta Sexy”, the following track, should quickly pick the listener back up with another club-like beat.

Hollywood Undead continues to switch up styles throughout the album, which is a great tactic not only to show off its versatility, but it should prove to keep people intrigued.

“Lights Out” proves to be the most anthemic track on the album and it precedes “Coming Back Down”, which tugs at the heart strings as the boys take a step back from aggression to let out some raw emotion.

The album takes one final swing as “Pour Me” slows it down one final time as Hollywood Undead turns from the fun side of alcohol to the negative side of drinking from depression, before ending the album exactly how it started with “Tendencies”, which uses the same formula as “Been To Hell”.

American Tragedy is a big step forward for a band trying to make it’s name on multiple platforms. Hollywood Undead, also known to some as the Slipknot of the hip-hop genre, showcases its ability to incorporate various different styles within the genres and does so in a way that intrigues listeners to continue to the next track.

4 of 5 stars

Key Tracks: “Been To Hell”, “Comin’ In Hot”, “My Town”, “Lights Out”, “Coming Back Down”

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