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REVIEW: King Dude – ‘Burning Daylight’

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As a side project of Teen Cthulhu and Book of Black Earth, TJ Cowgill explores a far more dark, spiritual-folk side—It’s a guy who is a king. Well, he’s King Dude. King Dude’s newest album, Burning Daylight, brings you into a darker-than-dark world. It should be noted that the production of this record might be an issue for some as it’s hard to digest in its entirety. Burning Daylight contains a lot of dark religious imagery—It’s haunting, gloomy, mournful, and he combines actual pain and broken-hearted lyrics. It’s very good—and yes, it’s very scary.

“Intro” nonetheless introduces King Dude’s constant delving theme of good ole Devil and Jesus. The last lines set you up for all the action “Lord, I’m Coming Home.”

However, the second track, “Holy Land” reveals King Dude’s deep baritone voice while it relentlessly drones and carries on a current of darkness. His lyrics are haunting and engaging, yet “his collection of songs will float into your nightmares like ancient ghosts”

“Barbara Anne” is a lot easier to digest, mostly because it’s less bone-chillingly and terrifying. It shows shades of emotive, and deep-voiced greats such as Johnny Cash, as well as the dynamic expressiveness of King Dude himself.

Burning Daylight’s lead single, “Jesus in the Courtyard” brings together the echo-haunted rhythm, metal-esque accents, and Cowgill’s whoa-oh-oh is more like a moan of suffering than a element of melody. Although the albums closer “Lorraine” provides pure violent words while backing up the gentle rhythm of Cowgill’s guitar:

“What a wonderful day / The leaves are all green if you know what I mean”

The entire album filters through some sort of unholy experience. It’s cold and forbidding with a brutal wintry ambience, but if you love gothic sounding folk tunes then you will love this thing. What seems to pay respect to US folk-rock tradition in the likes of Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash—it’s time for something a little different, that is, King Dude. So go ahead, put your headphones in, crank up the volume, and let the words of King Dude stimulate the ghostly spirits inside your head.



2.Holy Land

3.Barbara Anne

4.I’m Cold

5.Vision in Black

6.Jesus in the Courtyard

7.I Know Your Mine

8.My Mother Was The Moon




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