Eric Schackne

REVIEW: MIKESCHAIR – “Redemption Song”

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You know what they say, “Happy Halloween…and a Merry Christmas to you too.”  Despite our current worry for our Halloween costume decision, it’s not too early to get in the sleigh-bell spirit.  Philanthropic and sweet-rocking MIKESCHAIR offers up a pop-rock winter anthem with “Redemption Song.”

The trot of a string of metal bells(of the sleigh variety) fade in before anything else, and church-ier bells will also lend to the holiday spirit of this track.  The chorus is easy-going and catchy.  The string part behind everything is choppy and epic.  Overall this song is about theme and emotion for me, rather than lyrics.  The music is string heavy, and the steady percussion keep our heads bobbing.  Lead singer, Mike Grayson, is very clear and radio friendly, with a voice that suits the warm instrumental environment.

Take a moment to extend your lighter above your head or sway your arms from side to side, giving it up for love and the big guy upstairs, and “Redemption Song” by MIKESCHAIR will suit your moment perfectly; four minutes of inspiration that quickly turns into eight, then twelve, then sixteen, then…

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