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REVIEW: Savoir Adore – ‘Our Nature’

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Remember that time you messed around for 48 hours in the studio with a fellow disenchanted musician and then became a fixture in a prestigious music scene? I know, me neither, but Savoir Adore do. They’ve endeared us with ‘In The Wooded Forest’ and told us a gripping fairytale with ‘The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and The Girl with Animals in her Throat’. Now they bring us Our Nature – a piece that magnifies the inner workings of the human heart in a hopelessly timeless yet strikingly modern manner. Whether it’s envy you feel or just plain incredulity, please grab the nearest glass and drain it in one with no excuses, because Our Nature deserves it.

We’ve all heard ‘Dreamers’, the first single released from Our Nature. It’s a busty pop tune reminding you to hold on to all those pretty lights that explode in your head while you dwell in your sweet REM cycle. Savoir Adore decided to come out swinging with an anthem, and it works swimmingly. ‘Dreamers’ serves as the perfect kickstart for the introspective and upbeat tracks to come.

‘Imagination’ immediately recalls Best Coast grooves and Beach House croons. The hook beguiles with the lyrics “You came in with a heavenly glow/It’s such a shame, I want everyone to know/The secrets that we’re keeping/And all the love we’re leaving/Up to their imagination.” The woozy reverb conveys the sentiment of the track with a firm and solid bearing. Prepare to have this little ditty in your head all day long.

Like Ratatat? Then you will love ‘Regalia’. Those adorably sharp guitar synths hit hard enough to split brick, and chorus chants of “AaaahhhGO!”, would aid even the shyest dancer at the disco.

Title track ‘Our Nature’ is a slightly fickle chanty. The intro lends us a distinct 90’s melody and vocal styling on Deidre Muro’s part, but wait until you get about a minute in – suddenly it feels like falling. A dreamy layered chorus that cuts itself up with soft ‘Ahhh’s’ is so enveloping that it invokes an almost metaphysical feeling. I imagine this is what being underwater sounds like.

‘Wild Davie’ conjures memories from 40 years ago we never knew we had. Slow organic guitar and a lush drum beat couple with a deep lamentation of a chorus. This may be the most intimate track on the album, but it doesn’t drag on or ask too much of the listener.

‘Sea of Gold’ closes out the album with a subtle bass line, minimal percussion and quick, airy ‘Huh/huh/huh’s’ from Deidre. A back and forth vocal exchange between the duo that consists of “Who are you now?/I’m living in a sea of gold” ushers in the finite feeling of something having been accomplished. To be able to answer confidently that what you are doing is an explanation of who you are is an attainment in itself. The track layers over itself to fulfill a richer and more abundant sound for the album to ride out on. ‘Sea of Gold’ provides a clear and concise ending.

I don’t want to give too much away for Savoir Adore, but rest assured that you’re in for an intimate treat.
Our Nature comes out on October 16 via Red Eye. You’ll need it for Friday nights to come.

Track List:

1. Dreamers
2. Loveliest Creature
3. Sparrow
4. Imagination
5. Anywhere You Go
6. Our Nature
7. Regalia
8. At The Same Time
9. Empire of Light
10. Speed Bump
11. Wild Davie
12. Sea of Gold

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