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Revolt of the Nerds: Nerd Revolt Isn’t Taking Anymore of Your Scene Crap

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Origins unknown but currently based out of San Francisco, Nerd Revolt may have always been here, bubbling under the surface of the white-washed, washed-out and wit-less dance music scene of the last 5 years.

Here, there has been no depth, no spirit, no journey to the music. But with their self-titled album (which is out right now– run, don’t walk) NR is poised to change all that. Track #8, “Fallen” was my first taste of the work by this dynamic duo known by the pseudonyms iLL F.O. and m.0.

Before you know it, you’re in it and now it has gotten into you; all you can do is dance. Have I heard this before? Yes, but not iLL F.O.’s voice. “Fallen”‘s soundscape is like a wide open meadow; the beauty is in its bareness and subtitles.

Who knew electronic music could be this tactful and deliberate? Could it be that they are trying to make a statement, loud and clear? In fact, there is already a body of literature authored and published by the duo themselves at, where every agonizing detail of the Nerd Revolt saga is chronicled. These guys don’t only want to be heard, they want to be understood.

iLL F.O. writes, “Over time, I’ve gotten disillusioned with the skewed portrayals of this subculture. It’s either glamorized by cheesy-ass DJs with frosted highlights and bikini-clad bitches on each arm, or demonized by the media as this disgusting, decadent wasteland.”

From reading the bands literature, I get a clear sense of Nerd Revolt’s vision and their intervention on the genre; they bring more than style and synth to the table. It’s clear that they are well on their way to creating a movement.

“Fallen” Lyrics

They stole away your hope

Unleashed a wicked demon

You blew out your flame

Left this world screaming

Out from the shadow

The light on your face

An unsung hero

I’m breathing your name

Beat into submission

Silenced your whole being

Another soldier fallen

Died from his heart bleeding

Out from the shadow

The light on your face

An unsung hero

I’m breathing your name

Come out from the shadow

A smile on your face

Your light can shine now

Your spirit is safe



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