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Richie Kotzen, Vinnie Moore & Gus G @ The Coach House – 09/20/2018

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Richie Kotzen @ The Coach House - 09/20/2018Guitar masters Gus G, Vinnie Moore and Richie Kotzen have teamed up for a short West Coast tour that has each axe-slinger playing a full set with their own band providing a diverse night of music ranging from Heavy Metal to Jazz and everything in-between. Very similar to Joe Satriani’s G3 Tour or The Generation Axe Tour (Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, etc), this event showcases some of rock n roll’s most talented guitarists. The tour made a stop at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Thursday night September 20 for an intimate show to about 250 guitar loving fans.

Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G kicked off the night with 45 minutes of mostly instrumentals showcasing his six-string talent. Also a member of the band Firewind and an accomplished solo artist, Gus G was joined onstage by drummer Patrick Johansson and bass player/vocalist Dennis Ward. Playing his signature Jackson guitar Gus G blazed through each song and Ward even sang vocals for a song or two from Gus G’s most recent solo release Fearless (April 2018). Gus G without a doubt played the heaviest music of the night but has a sweet guitar tone and is definitely a modern day guitar shredder.

Gus G Set List:

Fearless | Burn | Mr. Manson | Thrill of the Chase | Big City | Letting Go | I Am the Fire | The Quest

Gus G Photo Gallery:

If you are a rock n roll fan you no doubt are familiar with the band UFO . . . Vinnie Moore joined UFO in 2003 and has been melting faces with UFO since as well as successfully becoming one of the premier guitarists to have emerged from the virtuoso boom in the mid to late eighties. Moore used the same backing band as Gus G (Johansson on drums and Ward on bass but also added a second guitarist as well).

Playing songs from his solo albums, Moore demonstrated his captivating finger skills on his custom signature Dean VINMAN semi-hollow body as well as his signature Mind’s Eye Dean guitar. Moore and the band even played a cover of Deep Purple’s “Maybe I’m a Leo” which Moore stated is one of his favorite songs.

Vinnie Moore Set List:

Daydream | With the Flow | The Maze | Rain | Check It Out! | In Control | Ridin’ High | Morning Star | Maybe I’m a Leo (Deep Purple cover) | Meltdown

Vinnie Moore Photo Gallery

Now things got real funky when Richie Kotzen hit the stage . . . this veteran shredder with a back catalog of over twenty solo albums as well as a previous member of Poison and Mr. Big and currently the front man for The Winery Dogs, delivered a set of rock infused, jazz influenced, soulful music that actually flows through your body as you watch and listen. Kotzen plays with such emotion and feeling that you as a fan become one with the music and can feel every note that is played on his guitar.

Backed by Dylan Wilson on bass and Mike Bennett on drums, this talented duo packs a wallop as they both had the opportunity to express themselves with a bass solo and drum solo respectively. Kotzen put down the guitar and played keyboards for a bit showcasing his talents run deeper than just the six-string. Still out supporting his 2017 release Salting Earth, Kotzen remains one of the most talented guitarists in music and his vocals are pretty amazing to boot.

Richie Kotzen Set List:

Losin’ My Mind | Your Entertainer | Love Is Blind | High | Fooled Again | Socialite | Bass Solo | The Road | Meds | Drum Solo | Fear | Remember | Help Me | War Paint | You Can’t Save Me

Richie Kotzen Photo Gallery

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