Harriet Kaplan

Robert DeLong @ LURE Hollywood – 05/28/2015

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robert-delongIndie electronic rock/pop artist Robert DeLong brought his thinking man’s dance party to LURE Hollywood on Thursday May 28 to kick off the Lexus Pop-Up Concert Series, powered by Pandora. This special concert is the first of a four-part concert series to take place in Southern California leading into the summer. Like an intense mad scientist cooking up irresistible beats aimed at getting concertgoers’ bodies moving, Delong generated a frenzy of off-kilter effects and sounds from an array of equipment including dials, a Wii Remote, joy stick and Sega Genesis controller including vocal loops.

During the show, he asked one audience member to come onstage and  sampled the women’s voice creating a new music arrangement on the spot. Unusual, compelling, funny and sometimes bizarre visuals were projected above him which added another dimension to the show that became like a multi-media experience. This included everything from images of Tom Cruise to cartoon cats to video footage of David Byrne and various kitsch/popular culture references. DeLong was not above engaging in a bit of shameless self-promotion with a cheeky plug for his website, visit www.robertdelong.com, which rolled up and down intermittently across the screen. He clearly doesn’t take himself so seriously that he can playfully send himself up, but at the same time, there is a lot more going on with his music that meets the eye.

Robert DeLong has been called the Conor Oberst of EDM and rightfully so. If you were to strip away all the high-tech effects, Robert Delong is a solid traditional musician at heart. He is very versatile and adapt at straight-ahead singing, playing keyboards and drums. Everything he does, he does very well. Though his primary focus is geared toward the dance floor, DeLong seems to have a more lofty purpose in mind. DeLong thinks about the bigger picture: life. “Global Concepts” was one of the set’s highlights. DeLong has a new album, In The Cards, coming out in September and performed a song from that release.

He writes lyrics that mirror his growth and evolution as an artist: aging, love, God. In turn, it can be seen as a reflection on the mood and maturity of a growing electronic youth movement he is in essence a part of and that is his audience. Even his devoted fans have copied his signature look of wearing Day-Glo paints on their face or other body parts creating their own symbols or messages. Riding the zeitgeist of EDM, Robert DeLong has been able to stand out among the pack by putting his own unique stamp on the genre. His striking, original performance at LURE Nightclub further solidified that status and will not soon be forgotten.

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