Brittany Woolsey

Senses Fail @ The Observatory – 10/05/2014

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Senses Fail @ The Observatory ? 10/05/2014A lot has changed for Senses Fail in the last 10 years. For one, the band has completely reformed, leaving singer Buddy Nielsen to be the only original band member left, and the band has progressed to much harder sounds. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the adoration fans have for the band and the appeal of the album, Let It Enfold You, which was released exactly a decade ago and performed in its entirety Sunday night October 5 at The Observatory in Santa Ana.

As soon as the band broke out into “Tie Her Down,” the crowd made of seemingly young fans shifted closer to the stage and Nielsen was an acrobat of sorts as he continually jumped throughout the set. As fans would glide atop other fans a la crowd surfing, Nielsen would help them out by grabbing them and making sure they land over the barricade safely. To help his fans, Nielsen also called on the help of additional security guards in the barricade. Nielsen said the band relied heavily on its fans because it’s always been independent. Senses Fail also brought other bands like No Bragging Rights and Knuckle Puck on the “Let It Enfold You” anniversary tour, which brought diversity to the show, Nielsen said. “I truly believe everybody here listens to a little bit of everything,” he said. “I think it’s cool to support underground music.”

Nielsen also announced the band was going to begin recording a new album in November, following 2013’s Renancer, which received mixed reviews due to the band’s transition to a harder sound.

As Senses Fail performed Let It Enfold You favorites like “Buried A Lie” and “Rum Is For Drinking, Not Burning,” fans sang along, almost drowning out Nielsen’s voice. Still, even after so many years of performing, Nielsen managed to sing most of the lyrics, besides a few screams that were performed by guitarist Matt Smith. Unlike many bands from the emo era, Senses Fail didn’t rely on the fans to do the screaming, which was refreshing.

After Senses Fail finished performing Let It Enfold You in its entirety, the band played other crowd favorites like “Can’t Be Saved,” “Bloody Romance” “One Eight Seven,” and “Mi Amor,” which allowed Nielsen to show off his multi-lingual skills. “This is the best way we could have ended this tour,” Nielsen said after finishing “One Eight Seven,” which was heavily demanded by the crowd and finished the energetic set.

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