The Shins @ Cal Coast Open Air Theater – 10/01/2017 -

The Shins @ Cal Coast Open Air Theater – 10/01/2017


The Shins @ Cal Coast Open Air Theater - 10/01/2017Fans of The Shins have had to wait five years for Heartworms, the band’s new album that was released earlier this year. And, of course, when I say “the band,” I really mean James Mercer who is the songwriter and only original member of the band that originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Shins made a stop at the Cal Coast Open Air Theater in San Diego on Sunday night October 1 on a beautiful warm fall evening.

Jogging onto the dark red stage to the Knight Rider theme, Mercer and mates set the tone for the evening. These guys have a great sense of humor. The Shins shared an eclectic set of songs; a sprinkling of their new material (“Painting a Hole,” “Mildenhall” & “Cherry Hearts”) was sandwiched in between their classic hits (“New Slang”, “Kissing The Lipless”, “Australia” & “Phantom Limb”) from Oh, Inverted World, Wincing The Night Away and Chutes Too Narrow. The band offered a meticulous performance although some of Mercer’s classic falsetto lines were delivered in more muted manner. The fans especially loved the “Rock Block,” when the band played The Outfield’s “Your Love,” to introduce “Girl on The Wing,” and “Turn a Square.” Mercer said, “The ‘Rock Block’ is going to happen. You’re going to enjoy it. Just close your eyes.” Continuing their on-stage hijinks, Mercer explained, “Everytime you see red light this is going to happen,” they continued on with the Knight Rider theme. “Let’s play “Threes Company next!” he exclaimed at the end.

Spoon, with their sexy and cerebral rock sound, was the perfect supporting act. Britt Daniels, a seasoned frontman, delivered a strong performance, with his raspy and forthright vocals. Their best loved hits were delivered beautifully, but, the best moments of the night were the songs off of 2017s Hot Thoughts. Is their newest album their best yet?

The Shins Set List

Caring is Creepy | Australia | Name For You | Kissing The Lipless | High Horse | Cherry Hearts | Gone for Good | Mildenhall | St. Simon | Painting A Hole | Half a Million | Your Love – intro (Outfiled cover) | Girl on the Wing | Turn a Square | Your Love – outro (Outfiled cover) | Phantom Limb | Simple Song

Encore: The Fear | New Slang | Sleeping Lessons

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