Brittany Woolsey

Shiny Toy Guns @ The Echoplex – 10/23/2012

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As most people were likely tucking into their beds Tuesday night at 11:30, Shiny Toy Guns and an intimate crowd of Los Angeles fans showed off a lot of energy.

At the show, held at the Echoplex, Shiny Toy Guns celebrated the release of their latest album, III, the album that welcomes back co-singer Carah Faye Charnow since her departure after 2006’s We Are Pilots.

Of Verona kicked off the night with a sound almost similar to Berlin. Singer Mandi Perkins channeled Terri Nunn with her long blonde hair and powerful vocals, which had a slight resemblance to Natalie Merchant.

The electronica group played songs from its debut album, The White Apple.

Perkins announced it was keyboardist Dylan’s birthday, which led the crowd to sing happy birthday to him at the end of Of Verona’s set.

MNDR showed quirkiness as the night’s next performer.

“Do you all like this sound? It feels like a disco!” she said during her performance of synth-pop songs.

Despite being solo on stage, MNDR, whose real name is Amanda Warner showed no signs of shyness as she continuously jumped into the crowd and onto the barricade, letting the crowd reach toward her as she played songs from her newly released album, Feed Me Diamonds.

As Shiny Toy Guns approached the stage, girls and guys alike began chanting Charnow’s name, eagerly anticipating her return.

They opened up with “Wait For Me,” fresh off III, which starts off haunting with whispers of regret and eventually combines Charnow’s and co-singer Chad Petree’s vocals in melody.

Due to technical difficulties, the two had to share a microphone for “Wait For Me,” but the problem was fixed during the next song, “Rainy Monday.”

The band performed songs from each of its albums, including 2008’s Season of Poison, which Charnow did not sing on and instead featured Sisely Treasure.

For fans who followed Shiny Toy Guns, even after Charnow’s departure, it was interesting to hear her since Treasure’s parts of songs like “Ghost Town” and “Ricochet!” While Treasure showed a tendency to rap and scream more, Charnow’s voice added a melodic feel to the songs, which was refreshing and welcomed by fans.

“We just put out a record,” Charnow said. “It feels so good to say that.”

Despite the late hour, each of the members showed off high energy as they performed a 20-song set.

The fans also showed no signs of restlessness as they danced along with Charnow, who repeatedly interacted with them by reaching out toward them.

“We’re going to take it way back to the beginning,” Petree said.

As the band began the opening chords to “Stripped,” the crowd began yelling, “Depeche Mode,” since the song was a cover of the popular ’80s band.

“What? Depeche Mode?” Petree joked. “No, this is a Shiny Toy Guns song.”

Other popular songs performed by Shiny Toy Guns included “Le Disko,” “Don’t Cry Out,” and “Rocketship.”

For its encore, Shiny Toy Guns concluded its set with a cover of Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom,” their new single, “Fading Listening” and “You Are the One,” which many in the audience could be caught singing along to.

Overall, the night was extremely nostalgic for longtime Shiny Toy Guns fans, and was a refreshing welcome back to the band.

Shiny Toy Guns setlist:
Wait For Me | Rainy Monday | Carrie | Ghost Town | Somewhere to Hide | Starts with One | Jackie Will Save Me | Mercy | If I Lost You | Stripped | Waiting Alone | Le Disko | Chemistry of a Car Crash/Frozen Oceans | Don’t Cry Out | Ricochet! | Speaking Japanese | Rocketship | Major Tom | Fading Listening | You Are the One


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