Holly Jessup

Skinny Puppy @ Club Nokia 12/10/09

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In the final show of their appropriately named “In Solvent See” tour, Skinny Puppy played songs that spanned the past quarter century. From “Addiction” off their 1987 record “Cleanse Fold and Manipulate,” to the brilliant “Love in Vain” from 1992’s “Last Rights,” to the politically heated “Pro-Test” from 2004’s “The Greater Wrong of the Right,” the audience at Club Nokia were treated to a little bit of everything. Even the more rhythmic hits off their most recent album (2007’s “Mythmaker”) like “pasturN,” “Pedafly,” and “UgLi” were able to tantalize the older crowd of Skinny Puppy fans.

In the way of theatrics, vocalist Nivek Ogre performed an assortment of crowd pleasing moments, including the annihilation of a glass stage prop using a cane, spattering blood across his white coat, a video collage of Jesus images superimposed on live shots of war, and a visual manipulation that created the appearance of burning an American flag on top of the singer’s head.

Ogre veiled his visage in an assortment of unusual masks. Teasing the audience by pretending to reveal his hidden face numerous times throughout the show but once again waiting until the end of the night’s encore to reveal himself in white swathing clothes like the baby Jesus and performed the surprise of the night, “Far to Frail” a jewel off Remission.

The endurant industrial duo of cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre will always be welcomed with open arms to the Southern California area, as Skinny Puppy continues to create challenging visual statements on stage to match the equally powerful lyrics and beats of their music.

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