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Slayer w/Lamb of God & Behemoth @ The Forum – 08/05/2017

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Slayer 2017Heavy Metal masters Slayer continues to tour in support of their 2015 release Repentless, the band’s first album since 2009’s World Painted Blood, and the first since the 2013 untimely death of founder and guitarist Jeff Hanneman (RIP). Slayer is still as potent as ever as Gary Holt (Exodus) has taken over on guitar, while Paul Bostaph is back behind the Slayer drum kit. The band sold out two Southern California shows at The Forum in Los Angeles and The Vina Robles Amphitheater in Paso Robles on Saturday August 5 and Tuesday August 8 respectively proving that not only Slayer but Heavy Metal remains stronger than ever in 2017.

After more than three decades, Slayer’s music remains unapologetic and uncompromised. As the intro music ended, the stage curtain dropped and the explosion of rapid-fire drums and heavy guitar exploded into the title track of “Repentless” and the crowds started large circle pits immediately and the crowd surfing ensued throughout the show.

For the next hour and half, the 19 song music assault continued. From the blistering twin guitar attack of Gary Holt and Kerry King to the brutal drumming of Paul Bostaph, the crowd favorites hit full throttle. “War Ensemble”, “Mandatory Suicide”, “Bloodline” and “Raining Blood” were among the Slayer classics played during the set. Throughout the entire night, Tom Araya’s vocals never failed to command. Aggressive, fast and forceful, the band’s sound was tight and rattled your cage to say the least. In addition to being rattled you most likely felt the heat of all the fire and pyro-technics the band used that along with the lighting made you feel like you were watching the show from the bowels of hell.

Slayer 2017The band wrapped up an hour and a half set with “Chemical Warfare,” followed by “Angel of Death.” It goes without saying that the music was loud, to the point that notes were rattling your rib cage and your core. If you catch Slayer live, get ready for your ears to ring afterward for the next few days. It was a special night at the show at The Forum as a complete video crew was setup to record this hometown show for a future Slayer DVD release.

Supporting Slayer on this tour are two metal powerhouses in their own right – Lamb of God and Behemoth. This “Three-headed monster” tour with three of the heaviest most brutal bands in existence is not one you want to show up late for as Nergal and Behemoth put on a blistering set of blackened death-metal that kicked off each night in supreme fashion.

Lamb of God continued the metal assault with their intense set of American metal that had vocalist Randy Blythe running and jumping all over the stage. The thunderous drums of Chris Adler anchored the band through such heavy hitters as “Laid to Rest”, “Ruin” and the set closer “Redneck”.

Behemoth Set List

Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer | Conquer All | Messe Noire | Alas, Lord is Upon Me | Decade of Therion | Ov Fire and the Void | Chant for the Eschaton 2000

Behemoth Photo Gallery

Lamb of God set list

Laid to Rest | Now You’ve Got Something to Die For | 512 | Ruin | Descending | Blacken the Cursed Sun | Still Echos | Walk With Me in Hell | Redneck

Lamb of God Photo Gallery

Slayer Set List

Repnetless | The Anarchist | Disciple | Postmortem | Hate Worldwide | War Ensemble | When the Stillness Comes | You Against You | Mandatory Suicide | Hallowed Point | Dead Skin Mask | Born of Fire | Bloodline | Seasons in the Abyss | Hell Awaits | South of Heaven | Raining Blood | Chemical Warfare | Angel of Death

Slayer Photo Gallery

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