Soulfly / Incite / Thrown Into Exile / Fused by Defiance @ The Constellation Room – 04/30/2017 -

Soulfly / Incite / Thrown Into Exile / Fused by Defiance @ The Constellation Room – 04/30/2017


Soulfly @ The Constellation Room – 04/30/2017Affliction Metal Night hosted by SiriusXM’s Jose Mangin took place Sunday night April 30th at The Constellation Room inside The Observatory in Santa Ana. This edition of what seems to now be a monthly event welcomed Soulfly along with Incite, Thrown into Exile and Fused by Defiance to deliver a killer night of extreme metal in the small intimate 250 person capacity Constellation Room.

It seems you can’t go to a metal show in Southern California without Jose Mangin being onstage and introducing the bands and now that he is a SoCal resident he has taken it upon himself to bring metal to Orange County on a monthly basis at The Constellation Room with Afflication Metal Night – and all the local metalheads certainly thank him for this event.

This night had something for everyone as the four bands each delivered a different element of extreme music. The night began with Fused by Defiance. This Los Angeles based five piece is the real deal as they deliver some heavy riffs and are clearly influenced by Rage Against The Machine. The entire band brings high energy to the stage and set the bar high for the rest of the bands.

Thrown Into Exile @ The Constellation Room – 04/30/2017Up next, another Los Angeles based band, Thrown into Exile. Fronted by Henry Derek who is also the vocalist for Act of Defiance, this band delivers a ferocious dose of heavy music driven by the guitar riffs of Mario Rubio and Raymond Anthony Sanchez who wail through each song with ease. The band as a whole is a sonic wall of sound that sounds like a perfect blend of Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God and Fear Factory.

Incite is fronted by Richie Cavalera, Max’s stepson and boy does he deliver on vocals. This band has been around for several years now and has endured a few lineup changes but they have certainly perfected the band’s sound. Yes Max may have helped Incite get off the ground but they are certainly a beast of a band and can hold their own both musically and visually onstage.

At about 10:15pm the Constellation Room was now packed with rabid Soulfly fans. Max Cavalera, Marc Rizzo, Mike Leon and Zyon Cavalera took the stage and delivered 75 minutes of pure heavy metal brutality as only Max Cavalera can. With Max’s extreme vocals, Rizzo’s insane guitar mastery and the thundering rhythm section of Leon on bass and Max’s son Zyon on drums, Soulfly played such masterpieces as “Back to the Primitive”, “Blood, Fire, War, Hate”, “Sodomites” among others that had the fans moshing the entire show.

Jose Mangin joined the band onstage towards the end of the show to take lead vocals on Sepultura’s “Desperate Cry”. Soulfly had everyone jumping during “Jumpdafuckup” and Max even jumped in the crowd for a little crowd surfing.

Affliction Metal Night was a total success and the official announcement for May’s edition will be made soon. If you are local to Orange County don’t miss Affliction Metal Night!

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