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Soulfly @ La Santa – 02/27/2019

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Soulfly @ La Santa – 02/27/2019

Releasing their 11th studio album Ritual in October 2018, Soulfly led by Max Cavalera continue to push the boundaries of extreme metal. Bringing back some of the tribal elements for the debut Soulfly release and from the Sepultura Roots album, Soulfly has created another metal masterpiece. Spending the month of February out touring in support of Ritual, Soulfly made a stop in Santa Ana at La Santa on Wednesday February 27 for an intimate show in a small venue. Along for the ride on this night were Witchhaven, Thrown Into Exile and Incite.

Both hailing from Los Angeles, Witchaven and Thrown Into Exile crushed in the early slots with the standout being Thrown Into Exile. With the current lineup having been in place for a few years, Thrown Into Exile has found their groove and delivers one hell of a performance led by the dynamic vocalist Joey Dalo and the twin guitar attack of Mario Rubio and Ray Sanchez. Holding down the backend are Dave Corsile on bass and the thunderous beats of drummer Scott Shelko. This band has grown into the standout extreme metal band in Los Angeles  . . . Thrown Into Exile will demolish The American Legion in Lancaster on March 9 – mark your calendar!

Incite led by Richie Cavalera are now over 10 years and into their existence and five albums under their belt. The current lineup of Cavalera on vocals, Derek Lopez on drums, Christopher EL on bass and Dru Rome on guitars have been together for six years now and deliver a high energy in your face performance. Incite’s extreme Groove Metal is the perfect appetizer prior to Soulfy as Cavalera releases every ounce of energy he has into his performance, as he gets the crowd wild and moving throughout the show.

Max Cavalera is an extreme music mastermind, first Sepultura, then Soulfly, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy and the list goes on. While most bands/musicians get softer with age, Cavalera gets heavier and more extreme. Soulfly hit the stage at La Santa and kicked into “The Summoning” then right into “Under Rapture” from the new album Ritual. With Max leading the charge, the venue turned into a moshing frenzy.

Guitarist Marc Rizzo – now 16 years into his tenure with Soulfly – is a heavy metal riff master and one of the most underrated guitarists in metal. Completing the band on the low end is bass player is Mike Leon who has been a perfect addition to Soulfly over the last four years and then there is Max’s son, drummer Zyon Cavalera who has turned into one of the hardest hitting drummers who anchors the band throughout the show.

Soulfly played a total of four songs off Ritual while including such heavy hitters as “Prophecy”, “Back to the Primitive” and “Arise Again”. There is not much more you can say about a Soulfly show other than it is PURE HEAVY FUCKIN METAL. Hopefully Soulfly will make another US run for Ritual later this year.

 Soulfly Set List:

The Summoning | Under Rapture | Fire / Porrada | Bleed / Plata o Plomo | Prophecy | Ritual | Dead Behind the Eyes | Arise Again | Babylon | I and I / No Hope = No Fear | Rise of the Fallen | Back to the Primitive | No | Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye

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