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Soulfly & Nile @ City National Grove – 05/18/2018

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Soulfly @ City National Grove – 05/18/2018Two of the heaviest bands on the planet, Soulfly and Nile, have teamed up for the “From the Amazon to the Nile” Tour 2018 and made a stop at City National Grove on Friday night May 18. This 5 week trek takes the bands across the USA for a last run of dates for both bands supporting thier 2015 releases – Soulfly’s Archangel and Nile’s What Should Not Be Unearthed.

Billed as a co-headline tour, Nile took the stage first on this night and delivered 60 minutes of pure death-metal devastation. Vocalist/guitarist Karl Sanders may just have the most beastial, gutteral death metal growl in existance as he and bandmates Brian Kingsland (guitars) and bassist Brad Parris all share vocal duties making for a triple threat vocal onslaught. The night started with some classic Nile”Ramses Bringer of War” off the bands 1998 debut album Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka which got the fans going early with some crazy circle pits.

One thing you notice immediately about Nile in addition to their sheer brutality is the insane drumming from drummer George Kollias. Hard to see back on his drum throne, Kollias anchors the band through each song with his machine-gun drumming. Other highlights of the show included “Kafir!” as well as the last song of the night “Black Seeds of Vengeance”. Nile has not lost a step with the departure of Dallas Toler-Wade as Kingsland has stepped in and done a killer job on vocals and guitars . . . all Nile fans are looking forward to the next album which will be the first with Kingsland.

Sanders introduced his Mom who was in the crowd and stated his Mom was “Metal as Fuck” which was a nice gesture – it’s alway great to see Mom out supporting thier kids (and Metal)!

Nile @ City National Grove – 05/18/2018After a 30 minute set change, the lights went out and Soulfly took the stage and wasted no time in getting the show into high gear by opening with the aggresive and ultra high speed song “Frontlines” – this got the fans into a circle pit immediately which pretty much never let up the entire show. Max Cavalera is one of the God-Fathers of thrash Metal and after leaving Sepultura has carried the Metal torch with Soulfly as well as Cavalera Conspiricy.



Every Soulfly tour always has a different setlist and therefore you get a great variation of Soulfly songs both old and new. Rounding out the band in addition to Cavalera on vocals/guitar is longtime guitarist Marc Rizzo who is a riff-master and one of metal’s most underrated guitarists, on bass is Mike Leon and on drums is Max’s son Zyon Cavalera. The band as a whole is a Metal machine as the band belted out songs like “Blood Fire War Hate”, “L.O.T.M.” and “Sodomites” mid set. Cavalera constantly demanded a circle pit and the fans eagerly obliged.

At the end of the song “Mars”, Rizzo delivered a killer flamenco guitar solo before ripping into “No Hope = No Fear”. Rizzo also performed a brief electric guitar solo that included some Van Halen, Metallica and a killer piece of Slayer’s “Raining Blood”. Towards the end of the set, Cavalera brought out Brian Kingsland and George Kollias from Nile and played a killer rendition of Black Sabbath’s “Symptom of the Universe”.

The night ended with “Jumpdafuckup” into “Eye for an Eye” . . . another KILLER Soulfly show and Max promised new Soulfly music soon.

Nile Set-List:

Ramses Bringer of War | Sacrifice Unto Sebek | The Black Flame | Defiling the Gates of Ishtar | Kafir! | Call to Destruction | In the Name of Amun | What Should Not Be Unearthed | The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased | Sarcophagus | Black Seeds of Vengeance

Soulfly Setlist:

Frontlines | Prophecy | Fire | Porrada | Blood Fire War Hate | L.O.T.M. | Sodomites | Bleed | Rise of the Fallen | Mars | No Hope = No Fear | Babylon | Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover) | Back to the Primitive | Symptom of the Universe (Black Sabbath cover) (with Nile) | Jumpdafuckup / Eye for an Eye

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