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Stars Come Out Just In Time for Summer’s Twilight

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Indie rock outfit of Montreal, Stars, have given us a little taste of the album yet to come, set to be released September 4th. The North will be their 6th studio album, and the web is buzzing with anticipation. The song is “Backlines” and it’s the perfect track for these last few, long days of summer.

“Backlines” reminds me of the best of 90s music. Last year, I went apartment hunting with a new friend, and it was our first real one-on-one. I felt like we bonded over having a deep passion for the sound that the Smashing Pumpkin’s made famous with tracks like “Today” and “1979”.

Songs like these you always hear in coming-of-age films that make you think about that one crush you never told your feelings. Songs like these make you want to look for that person on social networking sites, then you feel the same reluctance you always felt and realize that you haven’t really changed so much– much to your dismay and/or satisfaction. (It always depends on how you feel about your life that day.)

The disjuncture between the serenity of the violins and the guitar distortion creates that ambivalence, and brings a whole range of thought and feeling to the 2 minute 12 second track. This song packs a lot of punch, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing to listen to it one more time. And again, and again…

In an interview with the Huffington Post, singer Torquil Campbell explains: “…It’s a lot easier for me to write pop songs about people who are on the edge of something, at a moment of crisis. Or that moment where you step too far and go into a decision that you know is going to take you down. To me, that’s a great moment of drama, whether you’re writing a script or a drama of a book.

You want to find those moments, that’s where narrative happens. And that’s when people form relationships with your characters. We’ve all done that in our lives or we want to do it. And that’s why pop songs are great, because they let you feel what that might be like, or remember what that’s like without doing it.”

You can check out some of Stars newest tracks on their SoundCloud account. Fans can also get a free digital copy of the album using a unique code that will be e-mailed after the purchase of their latest album titled The North. Gotta love twofers! Be sure to support these guys how you can.


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