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Steel Panther @ The Fonda Theater – 01/07/2016

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Steel Panther @ The Fonda Theater – 01/07/2015The long awaited return of LA’s own Steel Panther is over as the band is back for a three date residency at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood for the month of January.  Since the end of the bands residency at the Hollywood House of Blues, Mondays nights have just not been the same. Steel Panther fans religiously packed the House of Blues to see their favorite glam metal band. The shows were great and you never knew what celebrity or musician was going to be in the crowd to take the stage with the band.

Continuing on tour supporting their current release, All You Can Eat, Steel Panther has been selling out venues across the country and in some cases, the largest venues in the world in Europe. From headliner shows, to direct support for bands like Judas Priest, Steel Panther is doing it all including the upcoming Kid Rock cruise which immediately sold out.

Steel Panther fans lined Hollywood Blvd to get into the much anticipated first show of this threesome run in LA. The band seemed to be right at home on stage at the Fonda Theater and always gracious to their fans, the band recognized fans who have been following them since the inception of their live shows.

The lights dimmed and “Blackout in the Red Room” came over the PA. Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxx and Stix Zadinia took the stage and kicked the show off with “Eyes of a Panther”. “Fat Girl” and “Just Like Tiger Woods” followed. “Asian Hooker” and “Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World” led up to Satchels guitar solo. His solo is always a jaw dropper and crowd pleaser at every show. Satchel runs through just about every famous metal, fast guitar solo imaginable, note for note. Closing out his guitar solo, the mulit-instrument talented Satchel jumps on Stix’ drum set and plays both his guitar and drums beats to songs like “Crazy Train”, “Breaking the Law” and “The Trooper” . . . this talent never seems to disappoints the crowd. Jumping back into the set list, “Ten Strikes You’re Out” and “Girl From Oklahoma” followed by an amazing cover of Whitesnakes “Here I Go Again”. “Gloyhole”, “Community Property” and “Death to all But Metal” closed out the nights show.

Steel Panther moves on to Las Vegas to play a few Friday dates in-between the threesome of Thursdays at The Fonda Theater. Hopefully this Fonda run will set the ground work for a permanent residency as they had at the House of Blues . . . those Monday nights were some of the most successful shows in the history of the club. Steel Panther fans are happy to have the guys back at whatever venue they can see them at.

Steel Panther just announced the release Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage.  Due for release February 26th, this is the band’s first full length film featuring a live ten song acoustic concert. The comedic scenes definitely showcase the bands shenanigans and hair metal debauchery. You can pre-order now at

Opening the show was Phil X & the Drills. The Drills are a kick ass LA based band fronted by the amazing Phil X on guitar and vocals. Phil, most recently known for his time with Jon Bon Jovi, has returned with the Drills. With Daniel Spree on bass and Kevin Kapler on drums these guys bring the roof down. From originals to a few cover songs thrown in the mix, the Drills are a must see band live. Their music and sound is great and their endless energy on stage makes the show even more intense. The Drills shows are far and few between, so if you have the chance to see them, do it.

Steel Panther Set List:

Blackout in the Red Room ( Intro )  /Eyes of a Panther / Fat Girl / Just like Tiger Woods / Asian Hooker / Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World /

Guitar Solo / Ten Strikes You’re Out/ Girl From Oklahoma / Here I Go Again / Gloryhole / Community Property / Death to all But Metal

The Drills Set List:

Something To Say / Happy / Sunny Days / Zeppelin-AC DC / Troublemaker / Playing Fair / Future / Air Hockey/  Beer / Fire (Jimmy Hendrix )


Steel Panther Photo Gallery


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