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Steel Panther @ House of Blues Las Vegas – 01/15/2016

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Steel Panther @ House of Blues Las Vegas – 01/15/2016Steel Panther is back in Las Vegas for 3 limited shows at the House of Blues, Mandalay Bay. The band is doing shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas during the month of January at the Fonda Theater and House of Blues Las Vegas as they continue on their “All you can Eat Tour”. Steel Panther is selling out venues across the country and Europe after ending their long time residency at House of Blues Las Vegas a few years ago, Steel Panther is right back at home playing on this stage.

The fans packed the house as they do pretty much every Steel Panther show and the Panther faithful arrived really early to get their prime spot in the front row of the standing room only show. As the lights dimmed, Love Hates “Blackout in the Red Room” came over the PA. Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexi Foxx and Stix Zadinia took the stage and started out the set with “Super Sonic Sex Machine”, “Tomorrow Night” followed with “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of The World”, “Just Like Tiger Woods” and “Asian Hooker” followed by the Guns n Roses cover of “Sweet Child of Mine”.

Going back to the Feel the Steel album, “Turn out the Lights” and “Eyes of a Panther” led into what is becoming Satchels signature guitar solo. Pulling off riffs from some of our favorite 80’s hair metal songs, combined with his speed and own riffs, Satchel kept the crowd screaming as he ran around the stage, then up to the drum set, he continued his guitar solo while playing some fills on Stix’ drum set. Finishing the guitar solo, Satchel started in on Def Leppards “Photograph” then “Community Property” and then “Party All Day” closed out the show, leaving the fans wanting more.

Steel Panther continues to amaze the fans and non-fans with their style and musicianship. When Michael Starr asks “Who is seeing Steel Panther for the first time, raise your hands”, Not very many hands go up, as most of the crowd are fans who were there from the beginning. Some fans traveling from as far away as Northern California to see Steel Panther.

The band is getting ready for their next release “Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage”, due out February 26th. The CD/DVD release is an acoustic, stripped down version of some of Steel Panther’s signature songs.

You can pre-order your copy of “Live from Lexxi’s Moms Garage” at


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