Kaitlin Duffy

Steel Panther @ House of Blues – Sunset Strip – 9/24/2012

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FILE PHOTO: Steel Panther pose for a photograph backstage during the Sunset Strip Music Festival on August 28, 2010. (PHOTO © Paul A. Hebert / www.PaulHebertPhoto.com)

Honestly I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I walked in the door for Steel Panther Tuesdays at the House of Blues in Hollywood, except for the band puts on quite the live show and defines the act of getting weird.

The crowd was a very perfect mix of cutoff jean jackets, tattooed folk, and well, some rather revealing women eager to get some Steel Panther attention, something that made the concert pretty hilarious overall (I don’t think 5 minutes went by where I wasn’t laughing hysterically among others.)

They played all the favorites—“Asian Hooker,” “17 Girls in a Row,” and “Feel the Steel,”—making the Monday ritual a great thing for locals and tourists alike (and a great place for metal-lovers to enjoy a night of pure entertainment.)

And by entertainment I mean these guys are truly hilarious and should consider just doing improvised sets alone (no that their music is anything less than amazing.) Lead singer Ralph Saenz told us how his mom transported the guys to the House of Blues that night in her van, and how he still works part-time at the Coffee Bean to fund the bands, uhh, sexcapades in the city and on while on tour.

Lexxi Foxxx, the band’s bassist, was probably my favorite part of the whole act; every so often he would pause to whip out his girly mirror and primp himself, not to mention, make some pretty funny commentary about all the girls on stage.

90 or so minutes of debauchery was had, and everyone had a good time rockin’ out in between the guys’ jokes and “sex talk” that they’re notorious for. I don’t even want to go into what was actually said, because it was highly inappropriate and totally NSFW, but let’s just say the rumors are true: Steel Panther really does put on quite a raunchy live show, and seeing topless girls is only the innocent side to it—so you can imagine how twisted the dialogue is.

If you’re in the LA area and happen to want a night out that’s terrible but the good kind of terrible, definitely stop by for a night of 80s metal rock at Steel Panther Mondays at the House of Blues.

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