Alex Avina

Stickam For Japan benefit @ The Roxy 5/27/11

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Life is full of irony. When terrible things happen there is always the hope that something great will happen. The result that comes from the March 2011 Japanese Tohoku earthquake and tsunami along with subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster is a beautiful show of worldwide support with the show at The Roxy, sponsored by Stickam broadcasting live to Japan and having it’s proceeds going toward Japan Relief.

Opening for this wonderful benefit was actress Mallory Low putting out some love for Japan and singing the Star-Spangled Banner to kick things off.

Following the lovely rendition of the National anthem was former season 9 American Idol contestant, Alex Lambert. Lambert’s set was a light touch of covers and a melodic but ultimately boring set.

Thankfully a refresher was granted by the ultra enthusiastic Drills. The Drills played off like a rocket and came in with heavy riffs and an energetic feel. The happy go lucky mindset and touches of Led Zeppelin between and sometimes during songs was enough for any crowd member regardless of taste.

Although sad to see The Drills end their set, the crowd was welcomed by a little cool down time by Beautiful singer and pianist, Natalise. After this short relaxing respite, Australian born band Juke Kartel made their rounds. Kartel, although full of energy on stage, felt some what light and bland in their sound and set for the night.

Continuing the rocking sound was Abused Romance. This Israeli born group took their time on stage but after a few minutes got their set on the road. Although very much melodic they had a heavy and consistent riff though out their set.

Shortly after Abused Romance, Hip Hop group Literates plodded on stage. The trio did their best but the crowd just wasn’t there to support. With nothing new or unique brought to the table in any sense, the Literates felt like another cookie cutter fade away group.

Closing out the night was B Real and Friends of Cypress Hill fame much to the crowds wild cheers. Another night well ended in an insane way but with over $20,000 US raised for relief in Japan, a great show for a great cause.


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