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Stryper @ City National Grove – 10/16/2016

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Stryper @ City National Grove – 10/16/2016Southern California’s very own Yellow and Black Attack is Back!!!! Stryper is celebrating the 30 year anniversary of their iconic To Hell WithThe Devil album. The band hit the road for this current tour with three stops in Southern California, including City National Grove in Anaheim on Sunday October 16.

Original band members Michael Sweet, Oz Fox, Timothy Gaines and Robert Sweet took the crowd back to 1986 wearing the original yellow and black attire worn when the album was first was released. As the lights dimmed, the crowd became anxious and were treated to a video on several large screens taking you back through the bands history. With a countdown meter winding down the seconds, the band hit the stage in the dark, smoky shadows.  As The Abyss came to a quiet end, the band kicked in to “To Hell with the Devil” in high gear. Not only wearing the noticeable clothing from the 1986 era, but playing matching yellow and black guitars as they have for over 30 years which also had Oz Fox debuting his 3rd GMW Guitar works custom guitar.

The blistering dual leads between Michael Sweet and Oz Fox were in full force, while the signature guitar tone was very noticeable. The thundering rhythm section was held down by Timothy Gaines and Robert Sweet (aka The Visual Time Keeper ) and his classic yellow and black stripped drum kit turned sideways as he has played it throughout the years.

After playing the To Hell With the Devil album in its entirety, the band took a short break then returned in a more casually dressed form, where they proceeded to play a second set of Styper hits. The crowd was excited when the band interacted the them throwing out small copies of the bible with the Styper logo on them. This tour has been a huge success to date and The Grove show was no exception. The band was tight in their sound and form and the crowd definitely got their money’s worth in this ticket purchase and went home with their ears ringing. If you are in any way, shape of form a Stryper fan, this 30 Year anniversary tour is a must see show. Stryper will be taking a short break after this tour before hitting the high seas on the 2017 Monsters of Rock Cruise.

Stryper Set List:

To Hell With The Devil | Calling on You | Free | Honestly | The Way | Sing-Along Song | Holding On | Rockin the World | All of Me | More Than a Man | Battle Hymn of the Republic | Yahweh | In God We Trust | God | Revelation | Caught in the Middle | Surrender | Soldiers Under Command | Reach Out

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