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Summer Slaughter Tour @ City National Grove – 08/11/2017

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Dying Fetus @ City National Grove – 08/11/2017The most extreme tour of the year made a stop at the City National Grove of Anaheim in sunny Southern California on Friday August 11, 2017. Eleven bands were set to take the stage, which made for a day-long metal festival. A few of the bands on the bill have recently released new albums, such as Oceano and Betraying the Martyrs, who each dropped new music earlier this year. The Black Dahlia Murder, on the other hand, had something a little different to celebrate with the ten year anniversary of their album Nocturnal. Whether they are touring in support of new tunes or celebrating the longevity of their art, each band who threw down on the stage of the Grove brought something unique to the table.

It can be difficult to play early in the day on a tour like Summer Slaughter, however all of the bands that did so handled it with finesse. Betraying the Martyrs, for example, did not let the semi-filled venue stop them from giving their performance all of the energy they had. The French metal band captivated the audience with a mix of brutal growls and clean harmonizing vocals. The charisma of band members Victor Guillet (keyboard), Aaron Matts (vocals), and Baptiste Vigier (guitar) was contagious, and helped to keep the liveliness of the fans at an all time high throughout the course of their set.

Betraying the Martyrs Photo Gallery

By the time that Origin hit the stage, more patrons had filed into the Grove. Lead singer Jason Keyser commanded the attention of the room with an unmatched vigor. At one point, he stood on the barricade so that he could interact with a few ecstatic fans. The technical death metal band released their new album Unparalleled Universe on June 30th, and the new music has been well received among their fans.

Origin Photo Gallery

Oceano is another powerhouse band on the Summer Slaughter tour that packs a big punch. In May, the deathcore band released their new album Revelation. Lead singer Adam Warren has a larger than life voice, and an even bigger message. Between songs, he took the opportunity to use some of his time in the spotlight to urge the audience to take care of our planet. “We are killing the Earth,” he stated. “The change won’t start by sitting on your [butts] and writing things on Facebook. When you leave here, throw your trash in the garbage cans.” Although this warranted a negative reaction from one person in the audience who threw their drink at Warren, several people were seen utilizing the trash bins after Oceano’s set.

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Dying Fetus was next to take the stage after a longer-than-anticipated intermission (The Faceless never took the stage and that left about an hour of no bands playing). The Grove of Anaheim had filled in expectation of seeing the death metal titans co-headline this monstrous tour. The band released their new and highly anticipated album, Wrong One to F*ck With on June 23rd, 2017, after a five year break between releases. Every time lead vocalist and guitarist John Gallagher announced that they were about to play a new song, the crowd cheered, confirming the fact that the fans are enjoying the new music. The entire band is comprised of incredible instrumentalists, and each song they played was peppered with complex notes and riffs. The audience never hesitated to oblige when Gallagher asked for the formation of mosh pits, and the first level of the general admission floor was constantly moving. It seemed that with each song, the energy of the audience grew, and when the final song of the set, “Killing on Adrenaline,” was announced it hit an all-time high. Fans sang along with the lyrics and everyone moved to the music, even if being in the middle of a mosh pit was not their cup of tea. Dying Fetus definitely left their mark, and were one of the fans’ favorite performances.

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The final act of the night was The Black Dahlia Murder. The band had scores of fans in attendance, as shirts depicting the band’s name could be spotted as far as the eye could see. From the second the band began to play, the audience went wild. Several people could be seen crowd-surfing across a sea of Dahlia die-hards, and mosh pits were not in short supply. In honor of the ten year anniversary of Nocturnal, The Black Dahlia Murder played the album in its entirety, and will be doing so for the rest of the Summer Slaughter tour. Shrouded in a shade of blue for most of their performance, creating a dreary atmosphere, the band made their way through songs including “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse,” “Nocturnal,” and “Climactic Degradation.” They ended their set with a new song from their latest album, and fans were overjoyed to hear the new music. Vocalist Trevor Strnad, along with the rest of his band mates, were enthusiastic throughout the set and seemed genuinely grateful to be the co-headliners of a tour of this magnitude. Although The Black Dahlia Murder ended their set a bit early, fans left the Grove of Anaheim happy to have witnessed one hell of a metal show!

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Summer Slaughter has appropriately been dubbed “the most extreme tour of the year.” Some of the biggest names in death metal and metalcore have come together to give fans an unforgettable experience. From Betraying the Martyrs to Dying Fetus, and of course The Black Dahlia Murder, there is a band on the bill for everyone. Buy a ticket, arrive early, and make sure you do not miss out on any bands on this monster of a tour!

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