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Tears For Fears @ Valley View Casino Center – 07/19/2017


Tears For Fears @ Valley View Casino - 07/19/2017You couldn’t turn on MTV or any radio station in the 80’s without seeing and hearing Tears for Fears and Hall & Oates. These two powerhouses have teamed for a summer tour and made a stop in San Diego at Valley View Casino Center on Wednesday night July 19. Along for the ride in the opening slot is singer/songwriter Allen Stone.

Allen Stone, originally from Washington state, opened up the show promptly at 6:45pm. He thanked the crowd by saying, “I’m very excited, you are all too sweet. I’ve been touring about two months with Darryl Hall and John Oates and Tears For Fears and let me tell you it just gets better every night. I scream like a 13 year old girl every night.” Stone’s simple set up, a microphone adorned with flowers, allowed the 34 year old singer to show case his soulful vocals and beatboxing skills.

The much loved 80s super band Tears Fears (made up of Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal) took the stage next and caught the audience off guard as they began their set with their biggest hit, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” followed by “Secret World,” the Sgt. Pepperish “Sowing The Seeds of Love,” and the delicate “Advice For the Young at Heart.” The playful “Everybody Loves A Happy Ending” from their sixth studio album by the same name, is not one of their most popular songs, but it proved to rally the crowd into a state of joy as audience members sang along.

Hall and Oates @ Valley View Casino - 07/19/2017Curt Smith, bass player, greeted the crowd first by saying, “Thank you San Diego. It took me five hours to get here from Los Angeles. What the… There is a little thing called Comic Con. We would like to do a few songs from our first album The Hurting. This is called “Change”. The song, which was released 34 years ago, sounded so very wonderfully 80s with its iconic synth sounds and driving bass lines. The band followed up with “Mad World,” a song that details the madness of the daily rat-race, and the last song they would play from The Hurting, “Memories Fade.”


Curt, with his delicate and bright voice, complemented Roland’s deeper toned vocals. It really can’t be 34 years since their debut record was released; Smith and Orzabal’s voices are in mint condition.

Orzabal addressed the crowd by reminding them of the recent times the band has played San Diego. He said, “The last time we were in San Diego it was at Humphrey’s, the last show of that tour. It was the night of the second presidential debate.” He made a WTF face to insinuate that he is just as baffled as the next guy at the state of our union.

Tears for Fears normally play one cover song. At the 2014 Belly Up show it was Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start.” Tonight it was Radiohead’s “Creep.” It took the audience quite a while to figure out the band was playing a Radiohead song. As soon as they realized that the tune was the 90s hit, they dutifully took out their cell phones to document the moment. If Radiohead at Glastonbury 2017 played “Creep” at energy level 10, the subdued Tears for Fears version came in at a 5. Their next song, “Pale Shelter” however, more than made up for it. The flood of 80s memories rushed forth, people danced wildly in the aisles and continued dancing for “Break It Down Again,” and “Head Over Heels,” some of their biggest hits indeed.

I always wonder if these classic artsts  get tired of performing the same ol’ songs over and over and over again. But when the songs are this good, how could they ever get tired?

Did you know that there is a telephone number you can call to hear your fave Hall & Oates song? There is! It is a service called Callin’ Oates, go ahead, give it a try. At last night’s concert I tried to tell everyone I could about this service. “After all,” I thought, “this is the prime target audience.”

Carol Hill, a long time Hall and Oates fan, was catching the band live for the first time. She said, “I love their rich, sexy voices. Daryl’s voice is my favorite. I also love his new show, Daryl’s House, it is incredible. This is my first time seeing them live. My boyfriend Bill is with me tonight. He saw them in Boston back in the 70s. Raymond and Rita, also fans since the late 70s, added time. “Their voices sync together so well. We’d love to hear an old hit.”

Tears For Fears Setlist

Everybody Wants To Rule the World | Secret World | Sowing the Seeds of Love | Advice for the Young at Heart | Everybody Loves a Happy Ending | Change | Mad World | Memories Fade | Creep (Radiohead cover) | Pale Shelter | BreakIt Down Again | Head Over Heels

Encore: Shout

Hall and Oates Setlist

Family Man (Mike Oldfield cover) | Maneater | Out of Touch | Say It Isn’t So | You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (The Righteous Brothers cover) | One on One | She’s Gone | Sara Smile | Is It a Star | I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)

Encore: Rich Girl | Kiss on My List | Private Eyes | You Make My Dreams

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Hall & Oates Photo Gallery