Tecla Announces New Album, Free Download “Fake Tears”

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artworks-000038548213-5gwnyf-t200x200NYC sonic renegade Tecla will release her second full-length studio album, We Are The Lucky Ones, on March 19th via Mayimba Music. Download the propulsive first single “Fake Tears,” here and check out Vibe’s premiere here. We Are The Lucky Ones is a kaleidoscopic album that evinces the spectrum of Tecla’s life and musical journey from a child piano prodigy to years singing, rapping, djing, and producing in New York’s underground.

We Are The Lucky Ones’ was entirely written by Tecla. The album’s genre-defying sound infuses Tecla’s uncompromising songwriting and rap lyricism with tropical, Caribbean, pop and funk elements. “Lucky Ones” opens the album with a skittering beat and rumbling synth that soundtrack her message of understanding your own privilege. The anthemic “Money” is a club ready satirical take on gold digging with an instantly memorable “You ain’t got your money right” hook. The hypnotic and soulful “Tragic Mulatto” was co-produced by members of Chairlift. “Fiction Fairytales of Love” is a lyrical deconstruction of a relationship’s faults and insecurities that closes the album with an ominous dancehall beat that lets Tecla’s vocal melody spiral around it while incorporating a melancholic acoustic guitar and exploding into layers of hand drumming and feedback by the end.

Tecla is establishing herself as one of the most unapologetically complicated and boundary-breaking artists in music today. Her unflinching lyrics are matched only by her limitless sonic palette. We Are The Lucky Ones never sacrifices the fun or the message!


Download HERE

Official Site:
Twitter: @TeclaTeclaTecla
Instagram: @IAmTecla

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