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Ted Nugent @ The Coach House – 06/27/2018

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Ted Nugent @ The Coach House – 06/27/2018Summer 2018 officially began on June 21 and that can only mean one thing . . . the annual Ted Nugent summer tour would soon follow. Nugent along with his funk brothers Greg Smith on bass and Jason Hartless on drums kicked off the 2018 “The Music Made Me Do It” tour on Wednesday night June 27 at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano (the first of two nights at The Coach House). This annual trek will have Nugent bringing the funk from west to east and then back west ending in Phoenix on August 5.

At 70 years young, the Motor City Madman still kicks your ass live and continues to play the sexiest most groove infused guitar driven rock your ears will ever hear – and the fans love that shit! No he isn’t jumping off amps anymore, swinging across the stage or nailing targets with a bow & arrow but his two hour show remains a rock n roll circus like no other.

As in previous years Uncle Ted kicked off the night with a killer rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” then immediately into the Nugent-ified Blues classic “Baby Please Don’t Go”. Nugent then addressed the crowd stating how much he loved this shit and how he could feel the love in the room . . . and that tonight was the most important show of his career and those in attendance were the most important people . . . Nugent was intoxicated . . . he was drunk on love and Rock n Roll!

Uncle Ted has abandoned any political banter and fully lets the music do the talking while on stage although he still has a way with words with sayings such as “Every inhale and exhale from me causes assholes much suffering – lets hear it for me” and “If you’re not pissing off the assholes then you are an asshole”. He also added that he is living the American dream . . . he gets to Rock n Roll all summer then kill shit the rest of the year. (referencing his hunting)

Long time bassist Greg Smith took over lead vocals on “Hey Baby” and then “Need You Bad” while 23-year-old drummer Jason Heartless had a few moments to demonstrate his skills on the skins. The sum of these three musicians on stage equals one of the funkiest Rock n Roll trios ever. The band played two new songs from the upcoming release The Music Made Me Do It – both of which had the traditional Nugent funk and angst and no doubt will soon be Nugent Motown classics.

Nugent dedicated “Fred Bear” to all the Military and first responders out there then things got funky with “Catch Scratch Fever” then “Stranghold” with an encore of “The Great White Buffalo”.

Ted Nugent proved once again in 2018 that he ain’t going anywhere and that after 50 years and thousands of concerts he can still sell-out a venue and kick your ass!

Ted Nugent Setlist:

The Star-Spangled Banner | Baby, Please Don’t Go | Gonzo | Wang Dang Sweet Poontang / Hibernation | Snakeskin Cowboys | Dog Eat Dog | Rawdogs & Warhogs | The Music Made Me Do It (new song) | BigFunkyDirtyGrooveNoise (new song) | Free-For-All | Hey Baby (Greg Smith on vocals) | Need You Bad (Greg Smith on vocals)| Fred Bear | Cat Scratch Fever | Stranglehold

Encore: The Great White Buffalo

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