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Tesla @ The Rose – 09/23/2018

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Tesla @ The Rose - 09/23/2018Tesla played The Rose in historic Pasadena on Sunday Sept 23, 2018  to a venue at full capacity, quite possibly a sold out show. The Rose is an intimate dinner venue with dining tables filling the entire floor. Fine dining and rock n roll at its best.

Tesla had an impressive light show for a smaller venue with a grand focal point of the stage being Troy Luccketta’s massive multi-level drum riser with an equally as impressive TAMA drum kit.

Hailing from Sacramento, Tesla has a hard core fan base in Southern California. As soon as the band took the stage in the room of seated dinner guests the atmosphere changed into a hard driving rock and roll show. The venue consisting mostly of fans from the 80’s took a break from their assigned seating and stood up from the first power chord.

The band opened the show with decade old release “I Wanna Live.” Mid set the lights were turned on and the band went into a full-on acoustic set reminiscent of the Five Man Acoustical Jam from 1990.

Before beginning the intro of “Love Song,” Frank Hannon explained the health condition of his father-in-law and guitarist of The Allman Brothers Band, Dickey Betts, who at the time of the show was in critical condition due to a fall. Hannon told the crowd he had to leave the performance and get to LAX to be with his family and thus dedicated the song to Dickey Betts.  Hannon began the acoustic intro and then passed the reigns to Howie Simon, with a fist bump and a pedal switch, who completed the remainder of the show.

Tesla keep it simple with their t-shirt and jeans image and infamous bluesy hard rock sound. Vocalist Jeff Keith kept the crowd entertained with constant Pasadena acknowledgement and sing along engagement. Newest member, Dave Rude, on guitar since 2006, kept it hard and loud. Bass player Brian Wheat played keyboards and brought out the Hoffner HI – BB Ignition violin bass which that other bass player made famous.

Tesla is out on the road not in any particular support of a new release but only to keep giving their fans exactly what they want, seeing them live and hearing some of the best music to come out of the 80’s.

Electric: I Wanna Live | Hang Tough | Heavens Trail | Mama’s Fool | The Way It Is

Acoustic: Comin’ Atcha Live / Truckin’ | Paradise | Signs

Electric: What You Give | Love Song

Encore: Edisons Medicine | Little Suzi | Modern Day Cowboy

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