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The Magpie Salute 2019

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The Magpie Salute @ The Coach House – 01/17/2019

The Magpie Salute which brings together the reunited guitar team of Rich Robinson and Marc Ford from the Black Crowes, bassist Sven Pipien (also from the Crowes) along with lead singer John Hogg, drummer Joe Magistro and keyboardist Matt Slocum are currently out on the road supporting their August 2018 release High Water I. The band recently played a string of six Southern California dates and caught them at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Jan 17th and at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Jan 20th.

The Magpie Salute is a perfect blending of rock n roll and psychedelic blues with exceptional musicianship from each member of the band. While Hogg handles the majority of the vocals, Robinson as well as Ford had their turn on lead vocals and it seems for this tour no two shows are exactly alike from a setlist perspective. In addition to songs from High Water I, the band plays some well thought out cover songs as well as songs from each previous bands including some deeper cuts from The Black Crowes. About halfway through the show, Ford, Robinson and Hogg took center stage each with an acoustic guitar and played a few beautifully crafted songs with only the guitars.

Both Ford and Robinson kept their guitar techs busy as they seemingly played a different guitar for each song, Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, whammy bars, slide guitar . . . there was a little of everything. Playing for over 90 minutes, the band gave the fans lots of extended jams, solos and everything in-between.

Although The Black Crowes association may be what initially draws you to The Magpie Salute but after hearing them and experiencing their live show, it becomes quite clear this band more than stands out on their own . . . the bands pedigree speaks for itself and there is no question these guys are carving out their own musical path. Rumor has it that a second studio album High Water II will be released sometime in 2019. The Magpie Salute tour runs through mid-February – tour information can be found here.

San Juan Capistrano Setlist:

Omission (Hookah Brown cover) | Walk on Water | For the Wind | Mary the Gypsy | I Don’t Mind (James Brown cover) | Laila II (Agitation Free cover) | Old Lady Sunrise (Marc Ford & The Neptune Blues Club cover) | Bye Bye Baby (Rich Robinson song) | Sister Moon (acoustic) | Girl From the North Country (Bob Dylan cover – acoustic) | Descending (The Black Crowes cover – acoustic) | High Water | Can You See | Black Coffee (Humble Pie cover) | Welcome to the Goodtimes (The Black Crowes cover) | Good Morning Captain (The Black Crowes cover) | By Your Side (The Black Crowes cover) | Send Me an Omen

The Canyon Club Setlist:

High Water | Omission (Hookah Brown cover) | Mary the Gypsy | For the Wind | Rollin’ Over (Small Faces cover) | Look Out Cleveland (The Band cover) | Old Lady Sunrise (Marc Ford & The Neptune Blues Club cover) | What Is Home (The Black Crowes cover) | Sister Moon | Christine’s Tune (The Flying Burrito Brothers cover) | Nonfiction (The Black Crowes cover) | Take It All | Laila II (Agitation Free cover) | Can You See | Ballad in Urgency (The Black Crowes cover) | Wiser Time (The Black Crowes cover) | Horsehead (The Black Crowes cover) | Send Me an Omen

The Coach House Photo Gallery:

The Canyon Club Photo Gallery:

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