Holly Jessup

The Pixies @ The Hollywood Palladium 11/4/09

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A mix of old-timers and youngsters were assembled for Wednesday night’s performance at the Hollywood Palladium, but as one older fan pointed out, much of the crowd was filled with people that weren’t even born before the Pixies’ first album came out over two decades ago.

Once the roadies exited the stage, the packed floor began to stir with excitement as they waited for the entrance of Black Francis, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago, and David Lovering.

Wednesday’s show was the first of three consecutive performances scheduled for the Pixies at the Palladium.

After watching a long clip from the silent film “Un Chien Analou,” the surrealist inspiration for “Debaser,” the first song off the band’s “Doolittle” album, the Pixies finally emerged looking fit and appearing to be just as excited to perform as the fans were to hear them play.

Their opening song choices were quite a surprise, B-side tracks ‘Dancing the Manta Ray,” followed by the lackluster “Bailey’s Walk,” and “Weird at My School.”

After the B-side treat, the Pixies launched straight into Doolittle, starting with “Debaser” and continuing on to “Tame,” “Wave of Mutilation” and “Bleed.” At that point it became obvious what the song order for the night was; it followed the exact song order of the album.

“Do you know what song we’re going to play next?” Deal asked the crowd playfully before launching into their only pop sounding hit, “Here Comes Your Man.”

The visuals that accompanied the performance literally went with the mood and lyrics of each song: Blood red lights and violent images were spattered across the giant screen behind the band during “Bleed,” images of guns were seen during “There Goes My Gun,” lovers were shown canoodling while Lovering crooned “La La Love You,” and each line from “Hey” flashed across the screen, added encouragement for the audience to sing along.

The band breezed through the album with rapid speed, which left plenty of time for the Pixies to give two encores; one covered more B-sides, “Into the White,” and the slow version of “Wave of Mutilation,” while the second encore featured two Surfer Rosa favorites “Gigantic” and “Where is my Mind?”

Despite it not being from the Doolittle album, “Where is my Mind?” still seemed like the best song to end the night with, and judging from the giddy behavior of the audience, it was a choice that everyone was satisfied with.

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