Brittany Woolsey

Tiger Army @ The Fox Theater – Pomona 10/27/2012

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It was obvious that Halloween was approaching on Saturday night at the Fox Theater in Pomona as a packed crowd of Tiger Army fans, many with Dia De Los Muertos-esque face paint, moshed and danced during the rockabilly band’s annual Halloween show, October Flame.

The show’s two opening bands, Goddamn Gallows and 45 Grave, seemed to have longer sets than usual, and Tiger Army fans appeared to get a bit restless near the ends of their sets.

As Tiger Army approached the stage, the crowd broke out into a frenzy of dancing and moshing.

“Are you guys ready to move?” asked singer Nick 13 before beginning “Night Comes Down.”

Throughout the night, the trio played songs from each of their four albums, showing off a talented range of psychobilly, punk and country.

Although only consisting of three members, Tiger Army’s sound was very heavy and loud. This was probably due to bassist Geoff Kresge’s large stand-up bass, which commanded the room.

Nick 13 said this was the band’s first performance in Pomona since 2004, and their first time ever playing at the Fox.

“Ten years ago, we played at the Glass House,” he said. “That was one of the best Tiger Army pits I’ve ever seen. Pomona, I know you’re a little older and wise, but I want to see what you can do tonight.”

Indeed, the crowd did bring a huge pit, especially during songs like “Fuck the World” and “Never Die.”

Nick 13 said that the band, which is originally from Northern California, was humbly welcomed to LA when they moved there years ago.

“At the time, we didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “But then we met all these psychobillies and you guys have shown us love and become our friends.”

It was obvious that the crowd was mostly made up of die-hard Tiger Army fans, as they danced and sang along to every song. Nick 13 took notice of this, too, as he pointed out people that he had seen at past Octoberflame shows.

Fans lent their voices to the band throughout the night, especially during songs like “Pain” and “Rose of the Devil’s Garden.”

Tiger Army also embraced the season before playing “Incorporeal.”

“This is about the barrier between the living and dead,” he said. “It’s that time of year again. It’s Halloween season.”

Nick 13 also showed bilingual talent as he performed “Hechizo de Amor.”

During the Spanish-sung song, Nick 13 jumped into the crowd, which made eager fans run and grab toward him.

Tiger Army ended its set with “Annabel Lee,” which was obviously a crowd favorite as many sang and danced along with the band.

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