Kaitlin Duffy

Totally 80’s @ Hollywood Bowl – 9/29/2012

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Temporary time travel exists under certain circumstances, like the Totally 80’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl this past Saturday. I mean, seriously—it’s been over 30 years since we’ve heard the Go-Go’s live, and here they were in their very own hometown performing like no time had passed at all whatsoever, as if we were still back in 1982. The only thing missing? Kathy Valentine, the band’s bassist, who was replaced by Abby Travis due to a wrist injury.

In honor of a special anniversary of the iconic band’s album Vacation, the group of ladies came together with other musicians who also made their debut that same summer, including the Psychadelic Furs’ song “Love My Way,” and Bow Wow Wow’s ever-so-famous “I Want Candy.”

You could tell the audience was made up of mostly hardcore 80’s era devotees by all the screams that were heard once the Go-Go’s started playing their greatest rock hits like “Mad About You” and “Our Lips Are Sealed” from their #1 Billboard album Beauty and the Beat. The lovely Belinda Carlisle, who performed barefoot, still has the same charm as back in the day.

But before the legendary ladies that are the Go-Go’s took the stage, opening artist Bow Wow Wow rocked out with a lively performance (Anabella Lwin’s voice still sounds stronger than ever). Lwin, who mind you, started her career at the young age of 14, pointed out to the audience that she has finally reached her 40s—making a good part of the crowd feel pretty old.

After Bow Wow Wow, The Psychadelic Furs performed mostly their classic stuff from the 80s, including the saxy “Heartbreak Beat,” and quite obviously “Pretty In Pink,” a much loved hit. And Richard Butler still looks pretty punk, for the record.

The Go-Go’s ended the night on a perfect note with a Tears for Fears “Head Over Heels” cover (right after we thought it was over when they played “Our Lips Are Sealed”), something truly amazing and enjoyable by all 80s rock enthusiasts alike.

So it just goes to show: the 80s are still relevant and enjoyable, without anyone feeling too guilty about it all, and these musicians have all truly aged for the better.

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