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Unwritten Law @ The Roxy 12/30/2011


Last week the Roxy played host to  long time punk rock favorites, Unwritten Law, and guests. Fans that arrived early were treated to a brief acoustic set featuring lead singer Scott Russo, and lead guitarist Kevin Besignano, from the band along with a free copy of, “Live and Lawless.”  The timid crowd approached the stage with caution, not really knowing what to expect of this venture, but soon settled in for what would be a long hard hitting night of in your face punk, and alternative rock.

First up to the stage was Matt Toka. This four piece punk rock outfit took to the stage, and quickly captured the crowd’s attention. Music aside, lead singer Matt Toka, engages the crowd like a caged animal, pacing from either side of the stage, ensuring that his message is heard loud and clear. The band is entertaining to watch, and, for being an opening act, they clearly set the bar for the next band that follows them.

Next up on the bill was the band, STD’s. Their name says it all. This is straight up no holds barred garage style punk.  Little is known about these guys, except that they heil from Huntington Beach. They were not included on the original billing, but given their sound and presence, they may have muscled their way into this gig, like the old days.  Nonetheless this old style three chord punk rock band, helped to kick the night into high gear and were a decent lead up to the next act, KiLR.

KiLR, pronounced, (Ky-Ler), are a  Los Angeles pop rock/ alternative band. The band is quickly making a name for itself amongst the local club scene. This is completely homegrown, organic act from start to finish. The band has carefully crafted their art to place them in their own unique niche. The blend of pop/rock subdued the crowd with their take on Britney Spears’s song, “Womanizer.” Most certainly an eclectic mash up considering the night’s billing.

Death By Stereo literally leapt to the stage, intimidating the fans nearest to the band. Lead singer, Efrem Schulz, has a message, and he delivers it right to your face, with microphone in hand, both on stage and off. The band put out a very strong set of hardcore/punk rock, and metal, that found most fans being pushed aside by fellow moshers, dancing their way towards the front of the stage to confront the band.  Clearly the award for most  punishing act of the night goes to this band.

Lastly, Unwritten Law closed out the night, in support of their latest effort entitled, “Swan.” Even though the band has gone through many recent changes in their lineup, their energy and relevance in today’s music scene remains a constant. The crowd was quick to sing along to most of the band’s celebrated and cherished songs. UL frontman, Scott Russo,maintains a joyful enthusiasm that is well mirrored amongst his fans and bandmates. They finished the night off with a finely polished set of classics both new and old.