Nathan Percy

Warrped Tour Carson

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Although most of the bands still treated the crowd with good shows, the energy in some performances was lacking from where it was two months ago when the tour kicked off in Pomona.

Bands like The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Tat, and Attack! Attack! continued to excite the crowd with the same intensity as they had when they first began their nationwide swing.

There were some bands that left fans a little disappointed, but still, the Warped Tour was, and continues to be, a great way for fans to see lesser-known bands that might otherwise not get a chance to shine in the national spotlight.

Of course, to get fans to come out, the Tour also added bigger bands like Southern California band Saosin, as well as Bad Religion and Less Than Jake.

One of the slight problems with the Vans-sponsored event is that not every band is guaranteed to play every date of the trip.

The tour kicked off in Pomona with punk legends, Bad Religion, as the headliners on the Main Stage, but in Carson, the headliners were the up-and-coming 3OH!3 and Bad Religion wasn’t even on the schedule.

In fact, the final day of Warped Tour contained maybe two-thirds of the same bands it started with, which meant for some that the bands they missed in Pomona may not have been scheduled to play in Carson. Another issue with the Tour is that with eight different stages, it’s nearly impossible to see every group that you want to see without coming up with an elaborate mapping system on a $2 schedule beforehand.

Those more-daring individuals bypassed the paper schedule and went off the big board standing near the main stage, or the countless flyers showcasing every band and their set times, which were either hanging everywhere, or even taped on the ground.

However, with fairly easy access to each stage, fans still had the option of moving to another stage at any time.

In the middle of the stages, each band set up their own tent to sell merchandise or hold autograph signings, giving fans a chance to meet each band’s individual members.

Also, this year’s tour did have hints of other forms of music, ranging from hip-hop to country along with the usual presence of punk, rock and heavy metal.

Kevin Lyman, creator of the Vans Warped Tour as well as Taste of Chaos and the Mayhem Fest said that the tour has always been diverse, but now it’s coming full circle because some of the fans who attended the first tour in 1995 are now bringing their kids to the event.

“Back then it was about trying to get bands to stop touring companies or clubs and trying to get them the right place to play and now everyone lives their life on iPod shuffle,” Lyman said. “I think people now are more open to music than ever.”

With that thought in mind, Lyman created yet another successful tour, with 51 bands in all. Though the fans had to battle the heat and each other for prime spots near each stage, the quality of music from almost all bands more than made up for it.

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