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Weird Al Yankovic @ City National Grove of Anaheim 11/11/2011

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Weird Al Yankovic brought his fun-filled parody act to The City National Grove in Anaheim on Friday night November 11. A packed house of fans of all ages young and old, Weird Al delighted them for just over 2 hours with his outrageous parodies spanning his entire catalog. At just after 8:00pm the show started with a few newer songs including the Lady Gaga Parody “Polka Face”. Weird Al demonstrated his accordion skills for the first two songs while sporting a loud, colorful Hawaiian shirt.

The first costume of the night was for “Smells Like Nirvana” a parody of the early 90’s grunge song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from the band Nirvana. Weird Al donned a blond wig and grungy outfit mimicking the late Curt Cobain as his backing band wore flannel shirts. From here the costume changes were frequent to go along with each song. The backing band was very impressive as they nailed all the musical aspects of each original song. In between each song there was video of Al TV showing fake interviews with Jessica Simpson, Kevin Federline, Celine Dion, Keith Richards, Madonna and others – also shown was video of various mainstream television shows making reference to Weird Al such as Friends, Family Guy, Everybody Loves Raymond and others. This was a great way to entertain the crowd during the costume changes and certainly kept people laughing.

Highlights of the show included the mid-set melody of several songs that included “My Bologna”, “Lasagna” and “Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies”. Also worth mentioning was “Amish Paradise” with Weird Al dressing in Amish attire and the Parody of Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty” titled “White and Nerdy”. The best costume of the night was without a doubt when he performed one of his most popular songs “Fat”, a take on Michael Jackson’s smash hit “Bad”. Weird Al donned the same fat-suit he wore in the video for “Fat” which garnered a loud reaction from the crowd and lots of laughs and smiles.

The night ended with two Star Wars themed songs, “The Saga Begins” a parody of “American Pie” jammed packed with clever references to the latest Star Wars trilogy and “Yoda” another clever song referencing the Jedi master Yoda – a take on the Kinks song “Lola”. Weird Al and the entire band had on Jedi Robes for both songs and again the backing band was spot on with all the music.

Although most of the crowd was singing along to every word of  every song and seemed very enthusiastic to be at a Weird Al Yankovic show, there wasn’t much standing, dancing or crowd participation aside from the occasional had waving from side to side. Regardless Weird Al delivered exactly what you would expect – a fun filled 2 hours that made you forget about everything else in the world and put a smile on your face and a pain in your stomach from laughing so much!


Polka Face! / TMZ / You Make Me / Smells Like Nirvana / Skipper Dan / Party In The CIA / CNR / Canadian Idiot / Wanna B Ur Lovr / Medley: (Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies / Whatever You Like / Another Tattoo / eBay / I Want A New Duck / Theme From Rocky XIII / Spam / My Bologna / Ode To A Superhero / Lasagna / Eat It) / Amish Paradise / Craigslist / Perform This Way / White & Nerdy / Fat / ENCORE:  The Saga Begins / Yoda

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