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Wilco @ The Fox Theatre Pomona 06/20/10

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Legendary Chicago mega-band Wilco opened the first of a week of Los Angeles area shows on Saturday at the newly renovated Fox Theater in Pomona. Wilco will play 3 more shows tonight, tomorrow and Thursday all at the Wiltern in LA.

Saturday night’s show was a two plus hour long set that was chock full of classic Wilco gems as well as several tracks off their new record (available tomorrow) “Wilco (the album)”.

The show kicked off with the opening track from the new album, the self-titled Wilco, with the catchy “Wilco, will love you, baby!” hook repeated throughout.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Jeff Tweedy commanded an amazingly well paced set covering popular tracks off every one of their albums from the past 14 years, including “I am trying to break your heart,” “I’m the man who loves you” and “Radio Cure” off what some would call the best album Wilco will ever make, their 2002 release, “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.”

Midway through Saturday’s set Tweedy informed the crowd “we’re approaching the end of an era,” which sent die-hard fans posting twitter updates wondering what he could possibly mean. As the end of the first encore was coming to a close, Tweedy let the crowd in on what he was talking about, by leading the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to keyboard, and guitarist Pat Sansone who just turned 40.

If the rest of the tracks off the new “Wilco (the album)” match up to the sampling performed live Saturday night, including “Bull Black Nova,” “You Never Know” and “Deeper Down” then the new album could definitely be the new best album Wilco will ever make.

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