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Wintersun @ The Mayan Theater – 09/23/2018

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Wintersun @ The Mayan Theater - 09/23/2018Some of the best international melodic metal bands are currently making their way across the United States, and they mean to make it an unforgettable tour! Wintersun, along with Ne Obliviscaris and Sarah Longfield, made a stop at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 23, and the audience temporarily let go of the worries and responsibilities waiting for them in the week ahead. This tour combines three acts that work in tandem wonderfully with each other, creating a brutally transcendental experience!

Sarah Longfield is an immensely talented guitarist, who employs a bassist and drummer to back her up on stage. Their music is purely instrumental, but do not think for one second that means it is boring. To the contrary, they played with liveliness, and their mastery over their instruments shined through unimpeded. Longfield called to mind the great John 5, with powerful guitar licks, and guitar changes that showcased her interesting collection.

Hailing from Australia, Ne Obliviscaris is a metal experience unlike any other. Combining guttural screaming and clean vocals, this act is not to be missed. Tim Charles’ violin notes sliced through the ruthless guitar riffs and pummeling double bass kick, and pierced the hearts of the crowd. The dulcet notes and his clear singing add a melodic element to their performance, and it is part of what makes this six-piece so unique. Their sound reverberating through the room, the venue literally quaked under the weight of their monstrous sound!

Last, but certainly not least, Finnish extreme metal band Wintersun took the stage, and were welcomed by a barrage of screams and cheers. The band wasted no time ripping into their first song, “Awaken from the Dark Slumber (Spring).” The debut song of the set is one of four songs which represent the seasons, from their newest album, The Forest Seasons, which is as beautiful as it is scathing. Hair billowing in the night, Wintersun played through the epic songs in their set effortlessly. They had two hours to bring the patrons of the Mayan to their knees, and at the end of this harrowing musical journey, they still wanted more!

This tour, featuring a few of the world’s most talented metal bands, is one for the books. Finland and Australia certainly know what they are doing when it comes to metal, as evidenced by producing Wintersun and Ne Obliviscaris, respectfully. Let the melodic metal wash over you in all its glory, and get your tickets to this blockbuster of a show!

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