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ALBUM REVIEW: Dee Snider – ‘We Are The Ones’

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dee-sniderDee Snider, one of the most recognizable voices, outright unforgettable appearances and dominant personalities in Heavy Metal is set to release his third solo album, We Are The Ones, on October 28 via Red River Records. With Twisted Sister quickly winding down to play their last shows before calling it a day, Snider is not wasting any time moving forward by releasing We Are The Ones and is playing a small West Coast set of live dates in early November to support the album’s release.

When you think of Dee Snider, you think angst, rebellion and in your face rock n roll, this is after all the man who waved the flag of rock n roll in front of the US Senate defending freedom of Speech back in 1985. Well We Are The Ones is anything but angst driven, rebellious and in your face rock n roll. The album as a whole comes off as a radio friendly, adult contemporary, soft rock album . . . much the opposite of what you would expect from the Twisted Sister front man. But that’s not to say this is a bad album and kudos to Dee Snider for stepping out of his comfort zone and making the music that obviously at this point in his career he feels he need to do.

The album starts off in a very positive way with the mid-tempo rocker, anthem that is very Twisted Sister-esque, “We are the Ones”. That song along with “Rule the World” which includes a huge, gang vocal chorus and contains some electronics and synthesizers are the two highlights of the record. A close third is a remake of the Nine Inch Nails classic “Head Like A Hole” that Snider does a good job making his own while honoring the song but lacks the primitive energy of the original.

The low point of the album is a remake of the Twisted Sister anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. The remake turns the song into a ballad that has Snider singing alongside a piano. A song as classic and iconic as “We’re Not Gonna Take It” should be left alone, even by the original vocalist. The song “Superhero” is the farthest thing you would expect from Dee Snider as it is extremely pop oriented with lots of electronics/synthesizers with the vocal style and song arrangement almost like something from the Disney Channel but has somewhat of an epic, “I beat the odds, I overcame the obstacle, I beat the badguy” feeling to it.

The album ends on a high note with “So What”, a slow acoustic ballad (that includes a string section) full of attitude and angst that you would expect from Dee Snider with the chorus stating “Middle fingers in the air, singing we don’t fucking care, when we say So What”. After listening to the album in its entirety it is obvious Dee Snider is extremely talented and has a great set of pipes regardless of the style of music he chooses to sing.

The album produced by Grammy, Emmy and Oscar winning songwriter Damon Ranger most likely will not appeal to many Twisted Sister fans but for those Dee Snider die-hards that just can’t get enough of the flamboyant front man will certainly want to add it to their collection although it most likely will not be on their active playlist for long.


We are the Ones

Over Again

Close to you

Rule the World

We’re Not Gonna Take It

Crazy for Nothing


Head Like A Hole


So What

Dee Snider California Tour Dates:

Thursday, November 3, Pasadena, Rose Theater

Friday, November 4, Beverly Hills, Saban Theater

Saturday, November 5, Agoura Hills, Canyon Club

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