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Exodus @ The Galaxy Theater 9/11/10

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Exodus marched into Santa Ana, CA on Saturday night September 11 to headline their March of Brutality tour alongside Malevolent Creation, HolyGrail and Bonded by Blood. Both Bonded by Blood and HolyGrail performed a worthy opening set. Bonded by Blood are a very fast paced “thrashy” band that put out a lot of energy and HolyGrail performed a progressive guitar oriented set which seemed to please the majority of metalheads in attendance. Malevolent Creation performed a killer 45 minute set of classic Florida death metal. Once again fronted by original vocalist Brett Hoffman with original guitarist Phil Fasciana this band has one of its strongest line-ups in years with Gio Geraca on second guitar, Jason Blachowicz on bass and Gus Rios on drums. Malevolent Creation just released their latest album Invidious Dominion on Nuclear Blast Records – go pick up a copy.

At about 11:45 the house lights went off and the crowd chanting EX-O-DUS, EX-O-DUS, EX-O-DUS filled the Galaxy Theater. As Tom Hunting mounted his drum kit, the crowd went wild and within moments the remainder of the band appeared – Gary Holt and Lee Altus on guitars, Jack Gibson on bass and the out-spoken Rob Dukes on vocals. The band wasted no time to start kicking-ass as they blasted into “The Ballad of Leonard and Charles” off their latest album Exhibit B: The Human Condition and then directly into another track form that album, “Beyond the Pale”. After 25 years, Exodus is by far at their peak both musically and live – their last four albums have produced some of the best thrash out there and with the addition of Rob Dukes on vocals have captured some of the qualities of original vocalist Paul Baloff (RIP) and Steve “Zetro” Souza as well as adding his own style into the Exodus attack. Rob is a force to be reckoned with live – he is a ball of energy, endlessly thrashing about the stage and continuously wanting more from the crowd.

Gary Holt is one of the most underrated guitar players out there . . . Gary is a non-stop riff machine whose solos are just face melting. Lee Altus is no slouch either, Lee and Gary are a top-notch guitar duo who trade off solos to give the crowd a memorable Exodus live experience. Rounding out the Exodus line-up is original drummer Tom Hunting and bassist Jack Gibson who makeup a killer rhythm section for this classic yet so relevant in 2010 thrash band. The night continued with a crazy, rowdy crowd participating in a never ending circle-pit as Exodus continued with classics such as “Piranha”, “Bonded by Blood”, “The Toxic Waltz” and then ending with another track off of the Exhibit B album “Good Riddance”. One of the coolest parts of this show was seeing the constant smiles between band members and the onstage interaction  – you could tell this band was truly having fun and enjoying themselves during this performance. Seeing the date of this show was 9/11, Rob Dukes showed his patriotism by wearing a pair of American flag shorts and a shirt with the word Infidel across the chest with some type of Arabic writing above that.

Go pick up the latest Exodus album Exhibit B: The Human Condition and catch Exodus when they come to your town  . . . you will not be disappointed.

Complete Exodus Setlist:
The Ballad of Leonard and Charles | Beyond the Pale | Iconoclasm | Children of a Worthless God | Piranha | Lesson in Violence | Fabulous Disaster | Dethamphetamine | Blacklist| War is my Sheppard | Bonded by Blood | The Toxic Waltz | Strike of the Beast | Good Riddance

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