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Faster Pussycat @ The Yost Theater – 02/12/2016

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Faster Pussycat @ The Yost Theater – 02/12/2016The Sunset Strip took over Santa Ana on Friday night February 12 at The Yost Theater as glam rock kings Faster Pussycat rolled into town along with fellow 80’s rockers Bulletboys, Pretty Boy Floyd along with Stonebreed and newcomers Moxy and the Influence. With five killer bands set to take the stage on this night, it was sure to be an epic display of rock n roll debauchery.

The Yost is nestled into historic downtown Santa Ana and on the inside is an upscale little venue with a modern light system and large stage backed by a large LED wall. Stonebreed kicked off the night with 30 minutes of in-your-face rock n roll. Vocalist Carlos Cruz successfully pumped up the thin crowd as people were still filing in at the early hour of 8:00pm. Shirtless guitarist Brandon Paul ripped through his solos as Johnny Zell on bass and Orion Rainz on drums provided the groove. Not a bad way to get the night started.

Moxy and The Influence @ The Yost Theater – 02/12/2016Moxy and The Influence is an all-girl gritty rock n roll band from Southern California who burst onto the scene in 2013. Led by vocalist Moxy Anne the band rocked through almost 40 minutes of originals with a Motley Crue and Heart cover thrown in. Guitarist Sydney Ellen rips on her Gibson and the rhythm section of bassist Shea Hamilton and drummer Alexey Poblete provide plenty of thump to make you take notice when this band hits the stage. Definitely a group to keep your eye on.

Sunset Strip alumni Pretty Boy Floyd served up a dirty dose of glam metal with a few cuts from their 1989 album Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz. Vocalist Steve Summers was his usual raunchy self as he worked the crowd from the stage and from down against the security barrier as he high fived and got up close and personal with the crowd. Guitarist Kristy Majors still rocks the red lipstick and plays a mean guitar while doing so. The perfect band to prime the crowd into what was to come next.

Three bands in and the night was just getting started. The Bulletboys hit the stage with a bang and rocked through some of their biggest anthems and some new material off their 2015 album Elefante. Vocalist/guitarist Marq Torien is nothing short of possessed onstage as he rips through his guitar and sings with the passion of a madman. Guitarist Nick Rozz who has now been in the band for several years rocks all the solos and he and Torien feed off each other throughout the show. The band is anchored by bassist Chad MacDonald and the thunderous hard-hitting drumming of Shawn Duncan.

The biggest crowd reaction was obviously for the songs “For the Love of Money” and “Smooth Up in Ya”. Bulletboys are without a doubt one of the most energetic bands to play live music there is no sign of them slowing down.

A little before midnight, the main event began as Faster Pussycat appeared on stage one by one and kicked off 60 minutes of pussy fueled sleaze rock. Taime Downe is without a doubt the Ambassador of sleaze rock not only being the charismatic leader of Faster Pussycat but also one of the founders of The World Famous Cathouse. Downe’s stage presence is captivating as he belts out his vocals in between puffs of his cigarette.

Bulletboys @ The Yost Theater – 02/12/2016The band as it exists today has been together for six years and they are as tight as can be. Faster Pussycat is anchored by long time members Danny Nordahl on bass and Chad Stewart on drums along with guitarist Xristian Simon (all members of Faster Pussycat since 2001). Aside from Downe guitarist Ace Von Johnson is the star of the show as he belts out the solos with creative mastery and he also brings a touch of youth to the band among these Sunset Strip veterans.

The highlight of the show is when Taime Down takes a seat on the edge of the stage, lights up a cigarette, cracks open a cold one and belts out the classic ballad “House of Pain”. The band rocked through other favorites such as “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Bathroom Wall” and “Babylon” among others. Nordahl even took over lead vocals on a cover of The Supersuckers anthem “Pretty Fucked Up”.

It’s always fun to see the band having fun while playing and interacting with each other on stage and that is exactly what you get as Faster Pussycat blasts through their set. Be sure to catch Faster Pussycat when their rock n roll circus hits your town as you will not be disappointed.

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