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Gojira @ House of Blues Anaheim – 08/05/2017

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Gojira @ House of Blues Anaheim – 08/05/2017Behemoth, Slayer and Lamb of God may have sold out an arena show just a few miles north in Los Angeles, but Gojira’s headliner, in-between-tour stops, performance packed the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday August 5 with their own raging metalhead diehards.

“I know there’s a very big show in LA tonight, but all of you still showed up here anyway to support us and we can’t thank you enough,” said Joe Duplantier, Gorjia’s rhythm guitarist and vocalist. “The energy you are giving us right now is incredible.”

Amid an arena tour themselves with Orange County’s own Avenged Sevenfold and Big 4 thrashers Metallica, France’s atmospheric-like, technical, death metal band continued to ride the wave off of their Grammy-nominated sixth studio album “Magma,” released in June 2016, and performed a few select SoCal headliner shows –including the show at HOB and another in Ventura –following their performance at the Rose Bowl stadium on Saturday, July 29.

Gojira’s hour and fifteen-minute set started promptly at 10 p.m., setting the stage and energy strong with white and yellow backlighting and carbon dioxide smoke bombs before unleashing the first chords from “Only Pain.” The dimmed lighting illuminated only the backs of Duplantier, brother and drummer Mario Duplantier, bassist Jean-Michel Labadie and lead guitarist Christian Andreu enough to intrigue, leaving fans filled with awe, invigoration and thirst.

The fusionists pummeled their way through other “Magma” songs such as “Silvera” and “The Cell” before transitioning to older classics like “L’Enfant Sauvage” and “Back ‘f*cking’ Bone,” as Joe consistently describes it at shows. The entire room itself seemed to move with every scream and double bass, proving Gojira’s home is best suited for a mid-size venue such as the House of Blues where concert goers can demonstrate their appreciation with countless ferocious pits.

“It’s important to be in the now, put your phones down and disconnect from all of the bull crap and the train wreck going on in your brain,” said Joe mid-set to a sea of ruckus fans. “So how’s it going so far?”

Before closing their set a quarter after 11, the Duplantier brothers swapped places to perform a quick song that Joe described as Mario’s “lullaby,” demonstrating the guttural vocal capacity and slamming guitar work of Mario and kit capabilities of Joe.

Preceding the chaos bestowed on fans by Gojira, Little Rock, Arkansas’ own doom-laden foursome Pallbearer serenaded listeners for an unexpected change of pace from Oni’s spirited opening set. Pallbearer’s echoed vocals mixed with trudged bassline left for an eclectic, yet beautiful medley that audience members received well with subtle sways. While attendees saved most of their entropy for Gojira, Canadian progressive metal act Oni rallied the crowd early, with an exuberant amount of energy being derived from their xylosynth player John DeAngelis. An odd yet unique addition to a metal band, concert goers couldn’t help but find their gaze drifting toward DeAngelis.

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