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Interview: Versaemerge

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Versaemerge are returning to SOuthern California this weekend after spending the summer playing across the country on the 15th Anniversary of the Warped Tour.

Fronted by the beautiful vocals of Sierra Kusterbeck, Versaemerge provides a unique musical style which is refreshing to listen to.

The band will take a short break at the conclusion of the Warped tour before jumping right back on the road and returning to Club Nokia on Oct. 27 2009 performing with Boys Like Girls.

We sat down with Sierry Kusterbeck and guiarist Jerry Pierce at the start of the Warped tour earlier this summer to talk about touring, writing their new album and the summer tour.

How long has the band been together?

Jerry Pierce – In this line-up, I would say a little over a year now.

According to your bio, Sierra you joined the band when you were really young?

Sierra Kusterbeck – I was 16 when I joined, but I turned 17 basically right away. Now I’m 18

So then is this your first major tour?
JK – First festival type of tour

SK – This is different than any other tour. It’s all a good thing, there’s 30+ bands a day, it’s a great thing.

Are you guys on the entire tour, or just a portion?
JK – The entire tour, every date.

What are the travel arrangements like? do you get your own bus, or do you have a van?
JK – Basically we have a bus that we are sharing right now with the blackouts and then they are going to take off and then You Me At Six are going to come on.

How many people on the bus?
JK – Right now there are 15

SK – It’s a constant party. But you know what who cares because we are on a bus.

Did you guys play any shows on your way out here from Florida?
JK – No actually. We picked the bus up in Tennessee and then we came straight out here.

We just saw your set which was amazing by the way. Can you tell me in your words what someone can expect to see when they?
SK – I would say expect a lot of energy, and just something fun that you can move to.

Who would you relate yourselves to soundwise?
SK – No one, Nobody

JK – And I think thats awesome.

What is it like on the bus?
SK – It’s a constant party.

JK – There is definitely some partying that goes on, a lot of strangers walking on and off the bus. Between the 15 of us, I don’t know very many of the people that come on. So your always shaking hands and meeting new people.

SK – The bus is awesome. When your in a van you have to always drive yourself to the next destination. Now we walk on and we get to lay in our bunks and knock out. It’s really cool.

JK – It’s almost weird to not have the “who is driving” or “Who is sleeping” fight.

How is the vibe out in the festival?
JK – It’s insane. I think everybody here is stoked to be here. I think it is an overall positive feel.

SK – It’s really cool. Sometimes you play the shows where the kids are just at their local show to hang out and text on their phones, and they don’t really give a shit about your band. But with this, your paying a lot of money to get what you want, so these kids are really into it and their having a ton of fun. Everybody is super cool. All the people we have met coming up and buying stuff, it’s just really really awesome.

Who are you guys looking forward to seeing on the tour?
JK – Pretty much everybody, I like most of the bands on the tour. Thrice for sure. Underoath

SK – Thrice, our good friends Lights.

What is an influence that you have had that is out of the norm. Everyone has the Stones or the Ramones, etc. But is there anyone maybe that is obscure that has influenced you?
SK – Someone that is not normal. I would say that it is not a band, but bigger picture things influence our music, if that makes any sense.

Can you give me some examples?
SK – Perceptions, space and astrology. Things like that. They really inspired our course.

JK – It’s astronomy not astrology.

SK – Astronomy.. (Laughs) – I haven’t graduated high school yet. Cosmology, and other things.

JK – I am the same way. I try to find inspiration in everything not just music. Part of being creative is being able to think outside of the box.

Is this your first warped tour?
SK – Yeah, First ever

So with this being the first day, were you nervous going on stage?
JK – I was excited, I wasn’t necessarily nervous. I wanted to just get out and play, I was stoked.

SK – Yeah we haven’t played a show in a month.

What are you hoping to accomplish on the tour?
SK – Grow the band. We really want to get our shit together, not that it is not together. We want to become the most professional band that we can become. Be able to handle any thing and any type of situation. I feel that the Warped Tour can put you in some crazy situations. So I think it is really going to help us grow.

JK – Certaintly, and maybe having fun somewhere too.

Are there any songs you are going to play that are not on the EP?
SK – No. Actually that is another thing on Warped Tour. We are actually writing a record, so we are going to write a lot while we are going to be on the road, we have some new stuff, but nothing to ready to play.

Thank you for your time, have a good time on tour and we will see you at the end.

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