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Iration @ Del Mar Fairgrounds – 12/05/2020

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2020 has not been your average year with the COVID 19 pandemic and that has put a halt on most live entertainment, more specifically concerts since mid-March. CBF Productions quickly thought out of the box when this happened and came up with Concerts in Your Car, a socially-distanced concert series that allows you to experience live music from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle (for more info on Concerts in Your Car click here). As part of this Concerts in Your Car series, Hawaiian-bred, California-based Iration played the third night (night 1 was in Anaheim, night 2 was in Ventura) of their SoCal “Coastin at the Drive In” concerts at Del Mar Fairgrounds just outside San Diego on Saturday night December 5.

On a crisp and cold December night (the temperature dropped to 50 degrees at showtime) Iration played to a SOLD-OUT drive-in crowd. Playing their reggae influenced alternative rock, the band gave the few thousand in attendance a live performance that so many of us have missed this year. The band released their seventh album Coastin’ on July 10 and played seven songs from that album on this night. The show started with “Already Gold” as vocalist/guitarist Micah Pueschel led the charge through 90 minutes of feel-good music that had all in attendance forget the worlds current problems at least for the duration of the show. Pueschel addressed the crowd and with a knit beanie on his head and commented how cold it was on this night. He also jokingly stated this was Iration’s 3rd show of 2020 and also their last show of 2020 and that they were honored to be in San Diego.

Lead guitarist Micah Brown moved about the stage as he strummed his Fender six-string often having interaction center stage with Pueschel feeding off each other’s playing while strumming their guitars. You can’t miss bass player Adam Taylor on stage as he has the biggest smile the entire show and is obviously having fun. The band is rounded out by Joe Dickens on drums and Cayson Peterson on keyboards and synths.

“Coastin” was the first song played off the new album of the same title and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the new music as there was the occasional horn beeping and headlights flashing in addition to singing along and cheering. The fact that if attendees sat outside their car, they had to wear masks had no impact on the fun factor on this chilly night. Singer/Songwriter Eli Mac took the stage to join in on “Guava Lane” which has her sharing vocal duties. Mac is featured on this song on the new album.

The song “Time Bomb” received a large applause, and the band ended the night with a one, two, three punch of “Zen Island”, “Jungle Boogie” and “Last to Know”. If you are an Iration fan, this was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night and it gave everyone a brief taste of live music. In addition to the fans having a great time, the band certainly looked like they had a blast (except maybe for the cold weather). Iration usually spends a lot of time touring each year so it was obvious they were all cherishing every moment on stage while it lasted.

Set List:

Already Gold | Reelin | Automatic | Coastin’ | Guava Lane | Home Tonight | Turn Around | Chill Out | Summer Nights | Daylight Saving | Fancy | Fly With Me | Time Bomb | Stay The Course | Energy | Falling | Moving Forward | Midnight | Regulators | Zen Island | Jungle Boogie | Last to Know

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