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Lords of Acid @ Brick by Brick – 10/13/2017

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On Friday October 13 the Sextreme Fest 2017 tour decimated San Diego, CA at Brick by Brick concert hall. Lords of Acid have teamed up with Combichrist to bring high energy, unique brands of industrial music to the masses across the United States. A few cities along the west coast were in for a treat as Night Club jumped on the bill to round out the lineup and provide support for the electro-veterans. The show at Brick by Brick was sold out, and all of the bands that performed left everything they had on stage.

Night Club was the first to take the stage and entrance the patrons at Brick by Brick. Comprised of Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks, the duo mesmerized the audience with their own style of industrial pop. Reading the words ‘industrial pop,’ you might think they’d be out of place on the bill, but Night Club fit in with the rest of the acts perfectly. The fans were instantly hooked, as at the end of their set, the “encore!” chants began. Although no time was left to oblige such a request, Night Club ended their run with Combichrist and Lords of Acid with a bang!

Night Club Photo Gallery

Combichrist is a band that commands the attention of their audience with hard-hitting, fast-paced, melt-your-face industrial metal. They just released their newest single “Broken:United”, which is an anthem for all of the misfits in the world. This incarnation of the band, which included Andy LaPlegua, Eric 13, and Joe Letz, hit the stage in a whirlwind of enthusiasm that could not be stopped.  They played through songs including “Exit Eternity,” “Get Your Body Beat,” and “Electrohead” without incident and not a single body in the venue was still. At the end of their set, Combichrist brought all of the members from the other bands out on stage for their final song, “WTF Is Wrong with You.” It was only fitting to end such an energetic set with a gigantic dance party!

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Lords of Acid closed out the San Diego stop on the Sextreme Fest 2017 tour and the crowd went nuts as soon as they appeared on stage. The band played their hit album Voodoo U in its entirety as well as other Lords of Acid classics including “Marajuana In Your Brain” and “P*ssy.” The Lords are a band that makes it a point to show their fans love, as at one point during their set, they pulled a select number of audience members up on stage to dance with them. Though the venue reached toasty temperatures by the time the Lords played, it did not hinder their energy or abilities. Likewise, it did not hinder the fans from dancing and moving to the beat all night long. It is safe to say that the multitude of Acidheads in attendance were given a night they will never forget.

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The Sextreme Fest tour was a huge success at Brick by Brick in beautiful San Diego, California. The venue was packed from wall to wall for the sold out show. Each band that took the stage this past Friday the 13th gave their all to provide the fans the best industrial show they had ever seen. Night Club, Combichrist, and Lords of Acid are three acts that continue to hypnotize their audiences and produce phenomenal music. When this tour comes through a city near you, make sure you are in attendance at the Sextreme Fest!

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