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REVIEW: Dog Society – ‘Emerge’

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dog societyNYC Alternative Rock band Dog Society, finally resurfaced with their newest independently released album titled Emerge. The band first became well known for their major record debut, Test Your Own Eyes (East-West/Atlantic Records), which ultimately lead them into touring the country, while opening for Sheryl Crowe, Stone Temple Pilots, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Following a nearly 2 decade hiatus, group members Brian Schnaak (vocals), Bruce Erik Brauer (guitars, vocals), Rich Guerzon (Bass), Joe Ranieri (drums, percussion) have recaptured our attention with an exciting musical adventure filled with a fluid mixture of enigmatically inspired psychedelic rock and heart pounding classic pop rock. The lead vocalist’s piercing and raspy sound creates a masterful delivery of the powerful messages behind the band’s riveting lyrical prowess.

Tracks like “Spoken Word” offer us with beautiful imagery like “My Sapphire Halo glowing so high” or “Virtuous eyes I bathe in their light, I soar on their columns of warmth.” The lyrics gorgeously match the instrumentation of the guitar, bass, drums, percussion and vocals, each carrying a soothingly airy and heavenly feel.

The catchy and fairly upbeat track “Salt,” expresses how a rocky marriage leads to the ultimate loss of freedom. The protagonist seems to secretly yearn for the life he had before his marriage, as a sense of urgency to regain his own freedom ensues. Something some may be able to relate to, perhaps?

Our personal favorite track “Being Here” honors the moment when you find your place in the world and are finally able to live your dreams. The song showcases the lead singer’s commanding vocals and the band members accomplished instrumental skills as they each contribute in constructing quite a memorable hook.

Dog Society succeeds in displaying their undeniable talent as musicians, lyricists and vocalists with an album that is bound to receive high praise, attention and appreciation.

Here is a link to their album for streaming and purchase:


1.Being Here 04:16

2.A Good Friend 03:38

3.The Fuse Before 03:14

4.Scraped 03:03

5.Pink Sun 03:45

6.Shade Grown 02:57

7.Suffer a Smile 03:14

8.Spoken Word 03:42

9.Aleja 02:29

10.Daymare 03:58

11.Spaceboots 03:55

12.Salt 02:56

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