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Slayer – “World Painted Blood”

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Slayers’ 11th studio album “World Painted Blood” is the second album with original drummer Dave Lombardo since 1990’s “Seasons in the Abyss.” This album proves once again that Slayer is as relevant today as they were in 1986 when “Reign in Blood” was released and that Dave Lombardo is the godfather of double-bass drumming.

With “World Painted Blood” Slayer once again stick to their familiar formula of consistency rather than experimenting with change. The album is chock full of catchy riffage (although some do sound a bit recycled), dual guitar solos, pounding double-bass and Tom Araya’s vocals that include his trademark screaming with some eerie spoken word verses thrown in.

The subject matter of the 11 tracks are what to be expected from Slayer – war, serial killers, religion, Satan and everything evil. The album opens with the title track “World Painted Blood” – a mid-tempo apocalyptic scorcher with King and Hanneman trading solos, a great song to start the album. The album also includes the two previously released tracks, “Psychopathy Red” and “Hate Worldwide,” two very “Slayer-esque” tracks that will win over any long-time Slayer fan. Other notable tracks include “Public Display of Dismemberment” – a two and a half minute punky fasted paced thrash track about hacking off limbs for committing a crime, “Not of this God” – another fast paced groovy thrash attack written by Kerry King regarding religious brainwashing and “Unit 731” – a Hannemen penned thrasher about a secret Japanese Army unit who did experiments on humans.

Overall this is another solid Slayer album with no filler. “World Painted Blood” will surely appeal to longtime Slayer fans as well attract new fans in the making. Amazing double-bass drumming, catchy riffs, impressive guitar solos and the familiar chants and screams make this another Slayer classic. Slayer prove once again that they are the true god-fathers of thrash metal.

4 out of 5 stars

Key Tracks: World Painted Blood, Not of this God and Public Display of Dismemberment

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