Soul Singer Suzy Jones releases video for “Commit Me; Live Performance in Hollywood on Monday 8/13

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Suzy JonesLos Angeles-based soul singer/songwriter SUZY JONES has officially released the music video for her new song “Commit Me” today (8/9), as she prepares for her performance this Monday, August 13 at the weekly tastemaker showcase School Night! in Hollywood, CA.

Watch the video for “Commit Me” HERE

Listen to “Commit Me” on Spotify HERE

“Commit Me” is the first single off SUZY’s self-titled debut full-length album, to be released later this year (details TBA), and is the only song on the album she did not write. The track was penned by former RCA Records R&B artist Alex Boyd over eight years ago. Unfortunately, he was dropped by the label, and his album, including this song, never saw the light of day before his tragic passing four years ago via a motorcycle accident at the age of 29. SUZY was introduced to the song by her album’s producer, Andy Rose (Allen Stone, Fleetwood Mac), who also co-wrote the song, and she immediately found comfort in the lyrics and in Boyd’s story.

“I’m beyond honored that ‘Commit Me’ is the first track off my debut album,” shares JONES. “I was introduced to ‘Commit Me’ in November 2017. During this time, I was compartmentalizing a personal struggle in my life in order to focus on work. I was grieving my brother’s death. I lost my brother 10 years ago. I never received a satisfying answer for why or how my brother died, but I healed as best I could. I had a work week in L.A. for the album on the month of his birthday. I woke up one day feeling like I was just finding out. Grief does that. I laid in bed and sobbed on the phone to my family for hours on end. I could barely hold it together long enough to show my face anywhere. I was in an indescribable amount of pain, but I had work to do. So as one does, I compartmentalized.”

One day during a studio session, Rose played “Commit Me” for SUZY for inspiration. “I never thought I’d consider cutting a song I didn’t write on until Andy told me Alex’s story,” she notes, adding that hearing about their time together, Alex reminded her of her brother. “I felt him in Alex’s story. They seemed like kindred spirits. Hearing Alex’s story was comforting.”

“Alex meant every word he was singing,” says SUZY, upon first hearing the song. “There’s nothing better than a song that comes from a real place. For three minutes and nine seconds, the world around me didn’t matter, just the song. Music has always been my escape, but this song was on a different level. I felt healed. This song and this story is too special to sit in a vault…My hope with releasing ‘Commit Me’ is that together we rise up on the tide. We live our lives and leave our hurt behind. We pause for a moment and heal – everything else can wait. Take care of yourself.”

Boyd’s parents gave SUZY their blessing to record the song, sharing, “Alex spoke from and to the heart and while the hole in our heart will never fully be filled, Suzy’s wonderful vocals and energy brings us a much needed solace.” Rose adds, “Suzy Jones is one of those musical forces that comes along once in a long time. She’s a fearless storyteller blessed with unbridled passion, pyrotechnic vocal ability, and the good taste to know when less is more. Alex Boyd was the first artist I ever collaborated with, who brought the same level of commitment and explosive gift to his craft. I believe he would have instantly recognized a kindred spirit in Suzy and would be proud of how she connected with his musical vision and life force. By finding a way to make ‘Commit Me’ her own, Suzy breathes life back into Alex’s music, a profound blessing to his parents, friends, fans and me.”

On July 62018, the anniversary of Boyd’s death, SUZY released the audio of “Commit Me” digitally. The song has already accumulated over 30,000 plays on Spotify, growing daily. The live performance video for the song was filmed at Tone Row Studios in Los Angeles, the same place the song was originally written and recorded by Boyd, and features the following musicians: Andy Rose (keys), Greg Greenberg (drums), Davey Chegwidden (percussion), Ethan Phillips (bass), Joshua Lopez (guitar), David Ralicke (saxophone), Jordan Katz (trumpet) and Maiya Sykes (backing vocals).

Following Monday’s performance in Los Angeles, SUZY will hit the road for a run of tour dates in November throughout the Midwest and Southeast supporting Marc Broussard, along with a handful of headlining shows. See all upcoming dates on SUZY’s website and stay tuned for details on her album, which boasts writing collaborations with Allen Stone and Donna Missal (Macklemore).


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